Zurich in One Day Top Attractions

Switzerland is a country extraordinarily beautiful, with a high quality of life and an exceptional natural and architectural richness. You will find very hard to be in a town in Switzerland, without discovering its surroundings.

Everything is so qualitatively and quantitatively, nature carries out so naturally and beautifully with its landforms, shapes and colors, that once you are in Switzerland, you will definitely want to discover it a piece by piece!

Today we are talking about Zurich, an exclusive destination, coveted by travelers worldwide and more exactly how we can enjoy this city and all its top attractions in just 1 day!

Zurich abounds in natural and glamorous beauty. Situated both on banks of a lake and a river, with the snow-topped Swiss Alps in the background, this marvelous city captures your attention at first glance!

St Peter Kirche

Zurich in One Day Top Attractions

1. St Peter Kirche - The church-tower is priceless, dating back to the 8th century! The church functioned as the watchman's tower of the city and now it’s the major landmark throughout Zurich.

2. Lindenhof Hill - An authentic geologic formation which was founded decades ago, Lindenhof Hill is now a quiet and very chic park, lined up with lemon trees, in the shade of which you can walk freely. Being 25 meters above the Limmat River, you will be able to witness some of the most outstanding panoramic views of the river and the entire Zurich.

3. Fraumunster Church - Is a former abbey for women, dating from 8th century. Today is known for the impressive creation of Marc Chagall, who managed to create some fabulous five stained glass windows, admired by millions of tourists every year. Each has a different color and a biblical illustration, the windows being placed in the choir. The ‘rose window’ is also an impressive creation of the same artist.

4. Grossmunster Chruch - The church has a very interesting legend behind, it's said that is placed on three ancient tombs dating back to the 3rd century, belonging to three saints who despite the cruel torture they were subjected, they refused to renounce their faith. The highlights of this church are its 200 steps that you can climb up to the tower, where the panorama over the city let you speechless. Both inside and outside the church is a true masterpiece.

5. Kunsthaus Art Museum - To visit this museum you will need at least 2 hours, as his wide collection starts since the Middle Ages to the contemporary period, by featuring a variety of prints, photographs, sculptures, paintings, drawings, especially work of the Swiss artists but also of the international ones. Among the most surprising and important are those of the Flemish and Italian baroque periods, Dutch Golden Age or Venetian Settecento. Within the museum is a modern library with thousands of books, magazines and audio art.

6. Zurcher Spielzeugmuseum - This house will attract your attention with its impetuosity, located right in the Old Town, on the bank of the River Limmat. In the past being the home of the tavern owners, today hosts the Swiss National Museum, hosting also different events. You will have many admirable elements, especially an exquisite example of rococo period.

7. Urania Observatory - A must-see once you’re in Zurich, being among the oldest observatories in the world. If you get the chance to visit Urania Observatory you'll be looking at the stars and planets with one of the most powerful telescopes (30cm Zeiss refractors telescope), plus you can enjoy a soft drink and 360° views of the city at Jules Verne bar.


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