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Bali is Located between the islands of Java, Sumatra and Lombok, with its capital Denpasar, is one of the biggest attractions of the world. In Bali, you’ll be enchanted by shores of sandy beaches, plantations of emerald green rice glowing in the sunlight, its traditional arts, music and dance, lush forests that hides fascinating temples and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with palm trees and blue unreal water. The beaches are surrounded by exotic vegetation, species like bamboo, palm, acacia, coconut trees, banana trees, hibiscuses, Bougainville, Oleander, jasmine, lilies, lotuses, roses and begonias.

Bali has a tropical climate with average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Between October and March is the rainy season, and between May and September is the dry season, when is the best time to visit Bali.

Some of the interesting places of the island:

· Gunung Kawi, is the oldest monument of the island that is located at the base of the valley and is composed of 10 altars that were cut into the rock faces. It certainly is an impressive monument.

· Pura Tirta Empul has flowing spring water, considered sacred and having healing properties.

· Bali Orchid Garden brings in the plan that orchids are thriving, due to climate and volcanic soil, for which you will find gardens with orchids everywhere in Bali.

· Para Ulun Danu Bratan was a Buddhist-Hindu temple, dedicated to the goddess of water, and was built in XVII, on a small island surrounded by water.

· Sacred Monkey Sanctuary is home to three temples that are protected by the macaque monkey clan.

The most important temple of the nine major temples on the island is Pura Besakih, "Mother Temple", situated at the foot of Agung volcano. People divinize him because of the event in 1963, when the volcano erupted and lava made ​​thousands of victims, and only the temple remains untouched. Nowadays, the temple has a very special spiritual significance in Balinese life, being home to more than 70 festivals throughout the year.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is another great temple, situated on the cliffs over 100 meters high, is home to a large number of macaques, the Hindus considered sacred animals. However, be careful that they are quite dangerous and attracted by tourists objects and don’t hesitate to confiscate them.

What can you do in Bali:

· Submarine Safari in the Gulf Amuk Bay, Padangbai.

· Scuba Diving, swimming, snorkelling, water skiing, parasailing, wind surfing.

· Cruises, carting, bungee jumping, horse riding, paintball courses, traditional dances, Balinese cooking classes and a lot more.

· You can climb Mount Agung, 3,000 meters and Mount Batur, 1,717 meters high.

Interesting things

· The statues and trees on the island are often wrapped in ‘poleng’ (objects wrapped in ‘poleng’ are considered hosts of spirits) and 'poleng' is a gingham textile, representing the dualistic perspective of life, that have the Balinese.

· The most beautiful beach in Bali is Sanur, a place where you can admire a magnificent sunrise.

· For outstanding sunsets, luxury and bustling nightlife choose Seminyak.

· In Batubulan city you’ll see the traditional Balinese dance, called ‘Barong Dance’, where the good faces evil, a prince is turned into a monster that manages to become the hero of its nation.

· Visit Turtle Island, which is a natural reserve which houses turtles.

· Bali Safari and Marine Park, is where you can admire the animals, but you can and have fun in the water park too.

· In north of the island, is the Git-Git waterfall, a marvel of nature that will leave you amazed.

Good to know:

· The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah.

· Region Nusa Duain, in southern island, enjoys the best beach.

· In Kutam you can accommodate at affordable price, and here there is Discovery Mall, where you can make shopping.

· Try local dishes such as: 'Pepes ikon' - baked fish in banana leaf with green bean salad and rice, 'satay' - pieces of meat on bamboo sticks.

· ‘Luwak’ is considered the most expensive coffee in the world, made ​​from animal excrement.

· For interesting events, yoga and healing programs choose Ubud.


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