Visit Lugano from Milan on a budget

Switzerland offers so many picturesque landscapes of rare beauty but at the same time not everyone can afford to come here, given the high prices and thus higher living standards.

However there is a fairly cheap option to visit some of the wonders offered by Switzerland. The starting point is in Milan. Being close to the Swiss border, from Milan to Lugano, part of the Ticino region, you may take the train - RailEurope, and you will reach Lugano in about 1 hour and a quarter, costing about 81 Euros / person roundtrip. Make sure you’ll book your accommodation in advance – up to 6 months, on specialized sites, where you will find great discounts, because hotels are expensive and very expensive.

With strong Italian influences, in Lugano you'll feel like in Italy, because Italian and Swiss cultures are blending perfectly. Italian ambiance will charm you from the first moment and will be fascinated by the Swiss accuracy. Mediterranean air that dominates this small cosmopolitan town, with its parks and gardens, which abounds in lush vegetation, sketches an enchanting painting.

Lugano is near two magnificent peaks, which are linked to two funiculars: San Salvatore, to the south and Monte Bre in the east. From the peak of Mont Bre, you’ll get some spectacular views of Lugano city, and also of the wonderful Bre locality, situated at altitude, nearby.

Downtown Lugano, where there is the train station, the lake and the park, is the heart of the city, where there are plenty of markets, shops, beautiful alleys, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Among the most notable edifices are the Romanesque cathedral of St. Lawrence (San Lorenzo) and St. Mary of the Angels Church (Santa Maria degli Angioli) with the famous fresco The Passion of Christ by Bernardino Luini, the city having a Lombard style.

To explore the city in another way, you may try the tourist train and about 45 minutes you will enjoy the charm around you. Italian style squares like Piazza Rezzonico, Piazza della Riforma or Piazza Manzoni), arches and numerous parks with tropical and subtropical plants, shopping in key areas such as Via Nassa and Via Pessina in the old city center, with their sophisticated shops, might be a truly pleasure, to take the pulse of atmosphere and pace of life of the region.


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