Underwater tourism in high demand!

When the stable financial part blends with the adventurous spirit and a bit of madness, every 'aquatic' trip is more than thrilling! Here are the hottest underwater experiences around the world, either you spend the night, or you have a nice dinner, assisted by fish, seals, whales and other aquatic animals.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant ( Ithaa meaning ‘ mother of pearl’ in the Maldivian language of Dihevi), is the first underwater restaurant, located in the Conrad Hotels & Resorts of Maldives, offering its guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while dinning the select contemporary European cuisine. The restaurant is 16 feet below sea, with a 180 degree panorama view of the surrounding coral reef. Prices as you may think are spicy, but for the perspective offered and the concept itself, probably once you get here, giving over $ 300 for a dinner, will not be something unattainable. You’ll be delighted with dishes as green mango and papaya salad, smoked cherry mozzarella or Maldivian lobster carpaccio.

Atrium Bar is located next to the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world with approximately 1,000 gallons of water and over 1,500 fishes, part of the hotel Radisson Blu, in Berlin, Germany.

The Manta Resort is located in Pemba, Tanzania, being one of the most attractive islands in the archipelago of Zanzibar for diving enthusiasts. The most coo, room of the resort is 4 meters underwater and about 200 meters from the shore, in one of the areas with the clearest water and a fabulous coral reef.

Reefworld Hotel it’s unique, being a floating hotel located near the Great Barrier Reef, in Australia. The resort includes an underwater spa, eight apartments in the water and bathrooms with glass walls. Once checked in, you can take advantage of the activities provided to customers: diving and helicopter tours.

Jules Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida, is at 7 feet underwater. To enter the hotel, guests have to put their suit and cross underwater the Emerald Lagoon. This unique underwater location initially served as a scientific observer for fauna at the mainland coast near Puerto Rico. Since then, has been converted into a hotel with all the facilities, including hot water showers, kitchen, books, music, and the most unusual and unique feature, fishing at the room window.


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