Tunnel of Love - Ukraine

Tunnel of love is probably the most romantic place in the world, where romance can begin, continue or endure over time. Located near Klevan city, from the Rivine Ukrainian region in eastern Ukraine, "Tunnel of Love" has become a unique attraction in the world, a marvelous unmatched natural beauty. Tunnel of Love was formed on the train tracks, a length of about three kilometers, through the union of branches of trees, turning into a vegetable emerald tunnel. Many couples come to this place to make spectacular photos. They say that couples who go through the tunnel and put their desire, this will be fulfilled. Interestingly, it is not a work of man, instead a delightful piece of nature with a private train, passing 3 times a day. Ukraine hosts the most visited romantic place that brings classic beauty with contemporary nostalgia, a passage worthy to contemplate, in a world of nature and dreams:Tunnel of Love.



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