Top Must Do in Hong Kong

Opulent and shiny, Hong Kong invites you to dream, in an electrifying atmosphere with a strong vibe. The dynamism and cultural frenzy, blends harmoniously with the mosaic of over 200 islands, and the contrast between East and West tendencies, illustrates Hong Kong as a vital city that still preserves the Chinese culture and traditions.

If you want to visit Hong Kong, in the following you’ll find some of the coolest experiences and things you can do in the cosmopolitan Hong Kong.

Eat at one of the bistros dai pai dong

In Hong Kong, are well known the stalls along the streets with all sorts of dishes. However, because in the 80s, the government demolished all the stalls and kiosks that were simplistic, as a wok pan and a wooden bench for customers, just some dai pai dong bistros remained authorized. The dishes are just a few types, such as noodles, rice, fish but also pork and beef meatballs. You will find many such stalls that do not work exactly legal, but I recommend Graham Street Market, in the Central district, where you will find traditionally dai pai dong bistros. For an authentic meal, be prepared to eat cramped and to share the small table with another client.

Learn to cook Chinese food

If you like noodles so much, don’t you think it would be appropriate to learn how to prepare them? Well, in Hong Kong you will find schools, where you will learn for two hours or all day, some of the Chinese cuisine secrets. At Chopsticks Cooking Centre or Home Management Centre, you will have courses in English, at affordable prices.

Visit a Chinese pharmacy

Usually you go to a pharmacy because you need, but in China, as a tourist, you can go strictly to remain amazed by what you see. The appearance of an ordinary pharmacy is completely removed, because you will feel more like visiting a museum than a pharmacy. You see on the shelves a large selection of herbs, fruits, plants and fungi or containers with bodies of dead animals. Everything has an explanation. Let us remember that traditional Chinese medicine has made ​​an important contribution to humanity. Most people trust in traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the concept that the body should be completely healed, whether the patient suffers only from a certain disease. Due to the respective disease is thought that the whole body was affected, and traditional Chinese medicine restores the balance of all organs. Interestingly is the fact that if there are two patients suffering from the same symptoms, they will be treated differently depending on the type of internal and external conditions, distinct from case to case.

Try an acupuncture session

In Sheung Wan area you will find many shops with pharmaceuticals, where you can ask for a good acupuncturist. You can also look for acupuncturists on websites such as: or Whether you have back pains, hiccups, other diseases, or simply want to see how it is, you can try such a session, which consists of some needles that will be placed in the key points of the body, being considered the places where the chi energy is released. A session lasts about 20/30 minutes, and prices starts at $ 60. Are used some thin needles so you will not feel pain, just a bit of tingling.

Try your luck by betting on horse races

The residents of Hong Kong have a special passion for horse racing, perhaps more than any other nationalities. Between September and June thousands of people go to the hippodromes in Happy Valley and Sha Tin. If you cannot reach it, you can bet on one of the betting centers in Hong Kong, which by the way…are many! Who knows, maybe you can be the winner or simply try something new.

Learn the art of feng shui

What could be nicer than to learn how to arrange your things and objects in such a way as to merge with positive energy and recharge your body by learning some essential principles of feng shui? Well, at the Hong Kong Tourism Board, you can get 1 hour of knowledge, every Tuesday, in the morning. The lesson will be taught by the great feng shui master - Alex Yu. Remember that you must make an appointment in advance because seats are limited. The good news is that it's free of charge!

Take a ride with a traditional sailboat

From the tourist office you can take a trip on an authentic traditional boat in the shape of bat wings, which is the symbol of the city. On board of the Aqua Luna, you can enjoy beautiful views and delicious cocktails and snacks, with prices starting at 150 HKD.

Learn how to prepare tea

One of the most popular tea-houses in Hong Kong and the oldest is Jabbok Tea Shop - providing both tastings, as well as literature and public lectures. Another wonderful teahouse is Lock Cha Tea Shop, which is located inside the Museum of Tea Service, which regularly organizes courses of serving tea.

Try Karaoke Cantopop

In one of the pubs on the boulevard Minden Avenue, in Tsim Sha Tsui, you’ll find Cantopop, part of Hong Kong culture, which was in vogue in the 80s and 90s. This genre combines pure Cantonese lyrics, famous songs and a carefully chosen choreography.

Take a tram ride to Victoria’s Peak

This is one of the experiences that should not be missed once you are in Hong Kong. You can take the tram from the station Murray House, in Garden Road, Central district. Thus, you will enjoy striking views over Central district, the harbor and Kowloon peninsula, the landscape being extraordinary.


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