Top 3 European Summer City Breaks

There are times when you want so much to get out of your daily routine that you no longer want to plan a trip. For which, sometimes short vacations, up to 3 days, are so welcome, especially to recharge your batteries. Here are three of the cities of Europe, where you can relax, one day, two, three or how much you want!

Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is a charming town, colorful and extremely picturesque, with its symbol, the Dragon Bridge, where you can walk at dusk, with your beloved. Why I write this? Well, because the custom is to go on one of the bridges across the Sava, (The three bridges are built next to each other in the center and mark a meeting point for everyone, appearing on most postcards), but first you have to buy a small padlock. The tradition says that once you get on the bridge with the padlock in your hands, swear eternal love, while you and your lover lock the padlock, meaning the eternal love. It's a very nice tradition that even if you will not comply, will certainly be an interesting episode to tell and remember, once you get back to your home. You can walk up to Ljubljana Castle, which offers a splendid view over the city, especially on sunny days. Try to put on your list also the zoo, with its unique moment in which the elephant serves meals, and will definitely be fun!

Is quite interesting to visit a city that has been rebuilt from the ground, right? Well, this is the capital of Poland, Warsaw, which was bombed during the Second World War. Leaving aside the drama of the past and keeping in mind the people ambition to rebuild the city, like preserving the most important places such as ruins, monuments or ghettos traces. Stunning through its architectural style and large boulevards, green spaces and the old town, with its Nowy Świat Street, filled with lots of cafes, shops, terraces, bars and elegant restaurants, , gives a specific romantic air.

Whether you love fashion or not, Milan, the capital of Italy, clearly will impress you by its famous Duomo, the third largest edifice of Western Christianity, or the famous fashion galleries. If you still are not convinced that in two or three days you will enjoy the visit, I propose to make a short trip to Lake Como, located within 1 hour and a little bit, by train, from Milan and admire the fascinating landscape. If you want to make a 2 in 1 holiday, I suggest a charming journey also by train, to Lugano, located in Switzerland, at a distance of about 1 hour and a bit, giving you an unforgettable Swiss visual delight.


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