Top 10 unique experiences in Japan

  1. Baths with noodles, chocolate or white wine! You will find bath noodles all over Japan. Why they use noodles in the bathtub? Because in their composition they put pepper collagen, which helps to improve metabolism and cleanse the skin, particularly the acne.
  2. To eat good & cheap has never been easier! Japanese cuisine is full of culinary surprises affordable to any pocket. Try delicious dishes such as sushi, tempura and kaiseki, which are definitely a ‘’must try’’!
  3. Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Tokyo is the place where the fun and many activities will impress you and will keep you busy all day!
  4. For relaxation and healing, Japan offers thousands of public thermal baths or ‘’ryokans’’ equipped with thermal baths. However, if you want a truly apart experience, try one of the most famous resorts, located in Dogo.
  5. Go to ski! Niseko Village, Niseko Annupuri and Grand Hirafu/Hanazono are three major ski slopes, part of Hokkaido resort, one of the most popular, which in summer offers the opportunity to go rafting, mountain biking or kayaking.
  6. Try to accommodate in one of the traditional Japanese houses – ryokan. Here you will meet a pleasant atmosphere, elegant & welcoming interiors, warm mineral baths and a delicate fragrance of tatami ( tatami means traditional Japanese flooring, and you can step on  barefoot, giving off a typical scent of land and forest), all contributing to a memorable ambience.
  7. Another accommodation option is to spend the night in a temple, in case you're more nonconformist. At the foot of Mount Koya you’ll find some accommodation, along with with monks and pilgrims, so it can be a pretty interesting experience.
  8. Passionate about art? Visit Naoshima Island, which hosts three of the most important Nippon art galleries.
  9. With over 2,000 temples and sanctuaries, Zen Buddhist temple especially, located in Kyoto, should be on your list of preferences.
  10. Visit Hiroshima - Peace Memorial Park, the horrors of war are still visible on the Atomic Bomb Dome, the only building left standing after the launch of the first atomic bomb on August 6, 1945 for military purposes.


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