Tips For Exploring Plitvice Lakes

At about 140 kilometers southwest of the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina, in a natural hilly landscape, is found the most beautiful of the eight national parks in Croatia, Plitvicka Jezera - Plitvice Lakes.

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia forms the center of the oldest and largest national park in the country. Plitvice are famous for its lakes and waterfalls, but the water surface covers only 1% of the park, the rest are meadows and forests. The tallest waterfall is Veliki Slap Plitvice (78 m height), is the largest waterfall in Croatia. The most attractive are Batinovcki Slapovi, Galovacki Buk and the water flowing from waterfalls look particularly impressive, especially on sunny days when the fog above them form rainbows. Plitvice’s water color is changing depending on the angle of the sun, where it is positioned.

Plitvice Lakes are transit lakes – The Black and White River, coming from the mountains, unites near Plitvice Ljeskovac and then form River Matica. It flows into the first lake, Proscansko, fed by  Ljeskovac creek. From the first lake, the water flows in cascades to these lakes, and after another 7 km, the excess water flows into the river Korana, a short river, considered to be the most beautiful river in Croatia, which joins the Kupa River near Karlovac.

To move around Plitvice Lakes National Park, you can use the tourist trails along the banks of lakes and wooden footbridges suspended above the water. Attention – no swimming allowed! It is strictly forbidden. You can however rest on a small beach - Osredak on Lake Kozjak. It's worth making a trip here in a boat, operated electrically, specifically to not pollute the environment. The best time to visit the Plitvice Lakes is in late spring, early summer or early fall.

Get some useful tips:

·         After 11.00 AM, the park gets crowded so there will be big queues and if it’s also warm, you have clearly a discomfort. Opt to visit the park from 07:00 AM, when it opens. More practical and easy is to start the tour of the park from Entrance 2 (Ulaz 2), and not from the first entry.

·         Both hotels and guest houses in Plitvice are occupied almost at their fully capacity, so book your accommodation early, from specialized websites.

·         Wear proper shoes, no flip flops or sandals with flexible soles, because it’s warm and dusty. Get also a sun hat, sunscreen, water and some food, because besides restaurants outside the park ends, you’ll not have where to buy it.

·         You should have creams or gels against mosquito bites or other flying creatures.

·         Must allocate at least 4-5 hours to explore this wonderful place.

·         If you do not like sports, preferring to enjoy the trip than to do miles, take the bus to the top and then walk back down.

·         Park entrance fee includes electric boat rides on Lake Kozjak and panoramic train rides, visitor insurance and VAT.

·         The park is open all year round, and in winter can be practiced skiing.

·         You should have kuna (the official currency), because changing EUR at the exchange office is not convenient. Currency Exchange is only at the point of information from Gate 1.

·         Buy some souvenirs, which are many and diverse, there are quite a lot stores that sell such memories.

·         Do not get off the culverts, even if you are keen to make photos in better angles. Also do not feed the fishes, because the fines are harshy.

·         Leave your car only in the toll parking.



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