San Remo – A taste of the Italian Riviera

San Remo is a beautiful city, nestled between sea and mountains, in a wide bay, protected by Capo Nero and Capo Verde, in the western extremity of the Ligurian Riviera, being considered the ‘’city of flowers’’, because the streets are elegantly arranged with a variety of flowers. It is also famous for the venerable annually festival of interpretation, and for the fact that it is among the most luxurious destinations, in the summer making it one of the busiest areas of Italy.

San Remo is a good year-round destination, but in summer is crowded and hotel prices are much higher than usual. San Remo it’s on the coastal rail line that connects France with Genoa and other points along Italy's west coast.

The beauty of beaches, warm sunshine, great spas but also the abundance of flowers littered throughout the city, makes it a pleasant destination, being very close to the French Riviera.

The wonderful Italian coastline is called ‘’Riviera dei Fiori'', because on the hills that surround it, there are cultivate flowers that ennobles the beauty of this town, without which there would not be so colorful and fragrant.

In order to fully enjoy an incredibly beautiful view, go to Bussana Vechia, which is a medieval village located in the hills full of flowers surrounding San Remo. In this place you will really feel the fragrance of flowers and you'll enjoy an image worthy of being painted.

Skipping the noisy streets and the traffic pretty unbearable, the colorful mosaic surrounds you, carrying you to the seafront, where seagulls fly unhindered. Do not miss visiting Villa Nobel, bought by Nobel in 1891.

 You can start walking from the heart of the city, in Piazza Brescia – which opens your eyes to a promenade, parallel to the sea, up to fort of Santa Tecla. One of the key points of the city is the Casino - the wealth symbol of the city, situated a few meters from the beach, on a very high plateau, with stepwise, guarded by palm trees. It is worth climbing to the top and making some pictures overlooking the city. However, if you want more, the casino offers gambling, a restaurant, a night club and a theater that hosts the famous San Remo annual music festival.

To admire the beautiful architecture, walk through the picturesque medieval old town called "La Pigna" – ‘’the pine cone’’, which is clearly the place of reference, being the perfect spot to feel the Italian air. Resembling a cone, houses are dressing the hill, leading to the Piazza Castello, inserting you into the atmosphere of centuries ago. You'll also see the stunning Madonna della Costa Sanctuary above La Pigna and also The Gardens of Queen Elena.

San Remo is a wonderful city, full of beauty, aromas and color, many green spaces, where the smell coming from the bakeries will increase your appetite, being the perfect place where you can enjoy a tiramisu, with a creamy cappuccino or sparkling rose wine…


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