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Rio Carnival is the event that brings thousands of tourists every year from all over the world, that come to admire the abundance of color, music, joy and hospitality of the locals, parades, famous samba schools, a moving exhibition, costumes, color and dance.

The Statue of Christ, with a height of 38 m, placed atop Corcovado Mountain, at an altitude of 710m, in Tijuca Forest National Park. The statue is the work of the sculptor Paul Landowski.

Maracana Stadium …well Brazil is one of the countries with the most titles he won at the World Championships soccer, of the largest stadiums in the world especially for this sport. Maracana can hold more than 100,000 spectators.

Tijuca Rainforest Reserve, stretched over an area of ​​about 8000 acres, Tijuca is one of the largest urban parks in the tropical world, where most plants and animals belong to the local flora and fauna.

Salvador de Bahia, a white fort, amazingly beautiful, where is rises behind the historic center of the second largest city of Brazil, Salvador (Salvador de Bahia), founded in 1549 by Portuguese colonists, now being the capital of Bahia and in the past it was the capital of Brazil.

Itacurucao village at Tropical Islands, an archipelago of about 150 islands.

Copacabana Beach, full of tourists, hotels, club, restaurants, shopping and so on.


Eat feijoada, a black bean stew filled with big chunks of meat, like sausages, pork and beef and drink Caipirinha, a drink made ​​of cachaça (a Brazilian liquor made ​​of sugarcane juice), lime, sugar and ice cubes.

Try the Sobrenatural restaurant, has the some of the freshest fish in Rio, and in Monday have samba dance and life music.


Do not walk at night

Try to go in groups, not alone

Avoid to put all your money in one place

Don’t attract attention by opulent clothes or handbags, expensive watches, be modestly dressed.

Always do copies of ID and passport. Do not go with passport and original ID in the city, let them at the hotel. Is it better to have just the copies to you in case of robbery.

Do not have a lot of money to you, or credit cards.

Do not eat from street vendors where storage conditions and preparation of food are questionable.

Try to keep a distance and be aware of gang warfare, favelas, pickpockets and bag snatchers.

Inform yourself regarding to the beaches of Rio, some of are superb though can be extremely dangerous, you could be stolen or other more serious things.

Be a moderate person, civilized and not draw unnecessary attention to yourself, go in organized group, behave yourself naturally and avoid dangerous situations.

Don’t take with you a smart phone, an ultra opulent one, opt for a modest one and you will not have any problem.

Keep in mind:

Stay on the southern side of the city as it is the safest.

Avoid to stay/accommodate at Copacabana, stay at Barra ,Leblon or Ipanema.

Ipanema and Visconde do Piraja are great for shopping.

If you will opt for breakfast included, when u take a room at an hotel, will be a great choice, because their breakfast is hearty and consistent.

Buses are the cheapest means of transportation in Rio.

Take a map, a good one, so you can reach easily every sight of the city.

Learn a little bit of Portuguese, their native language, so it will be more easier for you to understand what is around you.

Rio is a city with people ultra relaxed, full of life, smiling, enthusiastic and positive so if you follow the basic rules and get informed before visiting the magnificent Rio, you will fully enjoy a wonderful holiday.


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