Mysteries of the Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert is stretching over 9 million square kilometers from the Atlantic coast to the Red Sea, being the largest desert on the planet!

Sahara fascination comes from billions of years ago when here, apparently a dry and inhospitable land, it was a large stretch of water. But, due to tectonic movements, over the years, this place has undergone some absolutely spectacular changes, which later caused a series of mysteries still unclear, some of which are presented in the following...

The mysterious glass

Patrick Clayton is the one who in 1932 went on an expedition in Egypt and unwittingly felt like his car tires go on another texture than the sand. Thus, found that instead of sand was pure glass, with a yellow-green color, with a silicon content of 98% but also iridium, which arises controversies and assumptions, such as the falling of some comets and meteorites. Over time, there were more explorers who found glass in the desert, over 1000 tons scattered over the entire desert, some weighing over 20 kg. Although speculation and research continues, the mystery still remains the same. Which is the origin of this glass?!

‘’The most beautiful and deepest experience is mystery’’. Albert Einstein.

Modern testimonies of the 21st century shows that a comet had struck Egypt, 28 million years ago, thus heated the sand of Sahara to over 2000 degrees Celsius, favoring the formation of microscopic diamonds.

Looking at the discoveries of researchers at the University of Johannesburg, we’ll find that stands out the hypothesis confirming that this was the first known comet, called Hypatia, named after a mathematician and astronomer woman, born in Alexandria, Egypt.

The weird Eye of the Sahara: Richat Structure

The Eye of Sahara or Richat Structure is over 500 m above sea level, 200 meters above the desert, with a diameter of 40 km, located in the territory of Mauritania.

Being an enigmatic desert landmark of Sahara Desert – The giant blue eye is without doubt the most beautiful and mysterious figment of nature. This indescribable and magic phenomenon creates a fascinating and unusual structure: a circular structure with rocky peaks coming out triumphantly from the sea of sand, in such vivid and unreal colors.

Sahara desert hosts the world's oldest astronomical calendar

The string of stones known as Nabta, is the first stone calendar of humanity and one of the greatest mysteries of the world. Discovered accidentally in 1972, the circle of rocks made by the Egyptians on the banks of a lake, totally defies the laws of gravity and the power of human comprehension. How the Egyptians dragged those giant tones, taller than 3 meters, on a 1 km distance? This was happening a thousand years before Stonehenge construction, and more than 6000 years ago. Nowadays, the mystery still remains.


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