Japan - The Famous Osaka Castle

The history of the famous Osaka Castle, began in 1496, when a monk of a Buddhist sects build a monastery there, transforming it later in a Buddhist temple. But in 1580, shogun Oda Nobunaga besieged the temple and then was destroyed completely.

Effectively, the construction of the castle began in 1583, when Toyotomi Hideyoshi takes political control and decides the building to become a permanent residence for the Japanese authorities.

The current building of the castle, built of iron and concrete, practical dates from 1931 and is one of the few buildings that survived the air raids during the war. Last restoration of the castle was made fairly recently, in 1997 and basically  only the outer allure of the old castle is preserved, the current Osaka Castle, being a reproduction of the original concrete from the Edo period.

If the exterior has remained very faithful to the original, but the interior of the castle does not look like a Japanese castle, having the air of a modern museum, with 8 floors and an elevator.

On the first floor there is a gift shop, a stand with magazines, brochures and maps that are offered for free. This Castle presents different pictures of replicas of the castle, interspersed with brief story of the history of Osaka Castle after Tokugawa regime. Also is presented the history of the castle and a tea room, all made of gold. In Osaka Castle it is presented a true exhibition of Hideyoshi and you can see a whole army of miniature soldiers, extraordinarily expressive. The 8th floor is the observation platform of the entire city, where you can look all around the whole magnificent panorama of Osaka, a distance of 50 meters above the ground. Also there are three dimensional panels on each side, so the panorama looks spectacular. 


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