Green School Bali - The greenest school in the world

If in some cases, exuberance means luxury, in what follows, it's all about inventiveness. Have you ever thought that you can learn at an eco friendly school? Perhaps the most eco school in the world, where everything is made from natural resources and each piece is reused? Well, this is - The Green School in Bali, created in the middle of the rice plantations and jungles of Bali, by the architect who had this brilliant idea, John Hardy.

In essence, the Green School wants to promote the practice and not theory, with the concept that every child is motivated to learn by doing practical things, not by studying theories, which most likely will never apply. There is a special emphasis on practical and creative abilities of children. They draw, manufactures objects, dance, sing, develop their artistic spirit, all of which are in addition to the basic courses.

Although the school is very pleasant and attractive through its unique design and facilities, the students conduct and attitude is of special significance. Students are taught what it means to be respected and how in return should respect or how to behave in society, and for any deviation from common sense rules, they assume the risk of being expelled from the school.

The idea is simple but ingenious. The most unusual school in the world is made of clay, bamboo and grass, its design looking fantastically well! Most of the buildings have their roof and flooring made of bamboo, being naturally lighted. The solar panels and the turbine installed in the river are used to generate electricity. The centerpiece of campus is the Heart School, spiral shaped, being perhaps the world's largest bamboo building without support.

At this school, students work every day with love and respect. They learn how to grow rice, how to use only natural fertilizers, from where they can procure chocolate or how to cultivate the vegetables. The school has a big farm with a lot of animals, and a meal with natural products is prepared daily for more than 400 people.

You can consider a visit to this school, if you spend your holiday in Bali. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience!

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