Ghent - Christmas Destination

Ghent is situated in Belgium, in North-West of Brussels. Ghent is considering one of the most wonderful cities in Europe, being as appreciated as Bruges. Ghent architecture remained so well maintained.

How to get to Ghent:

By train:

  • Gent-Sint-Pieters Station, from here tram no. 1 will take you direct to the city centre, temporary stop 'Korenmarkt' or Dampoort Station, from here, buses 3, 17, 18, 38 and 39, stop 'Korenmarkt'.

Good to know: From Brussels Zuid station you can reach Ghent, Gent Sint Pieters railway station, by ‘IC’ Inter City or ‘IR’ InterRegio train)

By air:

  • Brussels South/Charleroi airport is 70 minutes from Ghent.
  • Zaventem 'Brussel Airport is 45 minutes from Ghent.

By car:

  • From the E17 you take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff. On the E40, from the motorway intersection in Zwijnaarde you first follow ‘Antwerpen’ (E17) and then take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff.

What to visit:

  • Church of Saint Gravensteen - one of the most famous Roman cities in Belgium
  • Church of St.-Nikolaus Gothic "(Scheldegotiek)"
  • Cathedral St. Bavo is dedicated to Saint Bavo, built from 1300 until 1538 and has a shrine created by Jan Van Eyck
  • Hall, built between the 15th and 17th centuries
  • Amusement Park Bellewaerde

Shopping area:

Kortedagsteeg – Walpoortstraat – Sint-Pietersnieuwstraa (fashion casual chic for everyone); Onderbergen (stylish shopping area); Jan Breydelstraat – Burgstraat (antiquities shops); Bennesteeg – Sint-Niklaasstraat; (specialized especially on children clothes).

Exciting things to do in Ghent:

  • Climbing one of the towers and opt for a balloon or helicopter ride
  • A romantic ride by carriage
  • Visiting the main attractions by walking
  • Explore the city by bike

Food specialities:

  • Gruut Brewery - one of the rare breweries with a mix of spices
  • Mastel - round bread with cinnamon and a hole in the middle
  • Kroakemandels – heavily salted peas deep-fried in oil
  • The famous and incredible delicious pralines with fine chocolate and stylish texture














david mark
01 Dec 2013 14:47
So interesting article!
david mark
01 Dec 2013 14:47
So interesting article!
david mark
01 Dec 2013 14:47
So interesting article!

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