FIJI - The Southern Pacific Paradise

Blessed by idyllic landscapes, tropical forests and sparkling sand surrounded by turquoise sea, Fiji archipelago invites you to a world of fairy tales, which is an unbelievable beauty.

Fiji is an island country located in the southern Pacific Ocean, being  the place where you will find a mix of cultures with influences from Malaysia, China, Polynesia, Eastern India and Europe, although the language spoken is English. So you ask yourself, what could be more beautiful than a dreamy blue lagoon, lush vegetation, gorgeous waterfalls, palm trees and people extraordinarily lively and sociable? Let me add to the list, surfing and many other activities for those who love sports, walks and fun!

In Fiji, the South Pacific warm breeze is so suave and pleasant and the smell of wet water  feels so fresh, exactly like shower gels with tropical flavour,  that definitely were created specifically to imitate the scent of these amazing green paradise. Sunrises and sunsets in this archipelago are among the most sought after, especially by photographers and painters, who consider being some of rarest and indescribable in words, pictures or paintings, with a charm and some quite different shades.

The most visited islands in Fiji are Viti Levu (where is Suva – the capital of Fiji) and Vanua Levu , which are also the largest islands. Bungalows built over the water, coral reefs, a crystal clear turquoise waters and a tropical dream. This is Fiji. If you believe that there is more than that, well, there is!

Located at 12 meters below sea level, surrounded by crystal clear water of the lagoon on the island of Fiji, is the incredible Poseidon Undersea Resort, which is the first underwater resort in the world. Each room has huge windows where you can see fishes swimming, and more than that, you can feed them, thanks to a special technology via a remote that releases food directly into the water. As you can imagine, the landscape and the idea itself is fabulous, equally as the luxurious accommodation conditions.

Once you are in Fiji, you have a lot of travel packages, from the most affordable to the most peppered, that offers the possibility to visit the islands of the archipelago, and to try their specific food, with many spices, taken from Indian cuisine, such as fresh coconut and fish, sweet potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and all kind of European flavours.

Between July and August there is the Fire Festival, when hundreds of candles and lanterns are lit on all inhabited islands, so the view is sensational and you should definitely  not miss it. Evenings here are delightful, whether we talk about a romantic dinner on the beach, parties, film or music. It's a very pleasant atmosphere, away from noisy party concept.

I believe for those who are passionate about unique & breathtaking experiences, but also with a budget to match, it would be a wonderful holiday option, with many exquisite places, eager to be discovered ...Fiji.






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