Facts about the Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps, through their beauty, attract annually thousands of tourists from around the world.

In 2009, the Swiss have opened the Monte Rosa Hut, a hi-tech, environment-friendly. The building is constructed in such a way as to ensure that the Sun's energy needs 90% of the water used is collected from the glaciers.

The Alps are passing through countries such as Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Germany and France.

They have the highest peak in Europe, called Mont Blanc, reaching 4.808 m. According to the French National Institute, Mont Blanc measures 42 inches less than the measurements showed in 2011.

Swiss Alps are the central part of the mountain chain, called the Central Alps.

The highest peak of Switzerland is the ‘’Dufourspitze’’, reaching 4634 m. It is situated in the South of the country, close to the border with Italy.

The Natural springs of Swiss Alps represents 6% of the pure water of the planet.

The most known tourist region is located in Gstaad, situated at 1.500 metres high. Here you can find numerous holiday villages, landscapes, wonderful restaurants and all the comforts necessary for a dream vacation.

In Gstaad, at over 3,000 metres there is a little piece of heaven called Glacier. To get here you can use the cable car. The trip is quite expensive but the panoramic view definitely worth it.

To travel efficiently in the Swiss Alps you can use the famous Glacier Express train that crosses the Landwasser viaduct.

In the Swiss Alps climate tends to be gentler on the slopes of the South.




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