Budget Travel Destinations

If you're a passionate traveller but you encounter financial difficulties, you may choose to continue to do that, finding suitable destinations for a small budget. This is possible if you are booking flights and accommodation in advance or you catch a last minute deal.

My first option would be Dortmund, located in Germany. Flights to Dortmund are a godsend, very cheap. Sometimes with a low cost company we will pay less than 50 Euro round trip. Dortmund may be an option for 1 day and also is a city of transit to Poland, so is a good option.

It’s good to know that Dortmund is famous for its football tradition, the famous Borussia Dortmund team and the most successful team of Germany. The city is quiet, one with a similar architecture like Belgium and is known for brewing tradition and symbols related to football and beer are found frequently, everywhere. Accommodation at a 4-star hotel, it's more than ok, considering that Dortmund is not a heavily visited city, and prices tend to be higher than in the rest of Germany.

The second option is a beautiful city, Zaragoza, in Spain. From here you can write a real story, because the architectural style and the cosmopolite part of the city will embrace you sense. The city is full of tourist attractions, old and new, and you must walk to feel the rhythm, the atmosphere and the typical charm. The best option is to choose the Zaragoza Card, a special card, through which you get free entry to all sights and the city's museums, unlimited public transport for 24 hours, roaming service, a ‘’tapa’’ snack and a free soft drink, as well as discounts in over 50 companies and establishments-hotels, car rental services, cafes, bars and even some restaurants.

If you want to feel the taste of true Italian espresso, choose a true culinary delight in Sardinia, Alghero. Here there are surprising landscapes and unique beaches, the most beautiful underwater cave in Europe and a series of 300 caves and grottoes carved into the rock coast of Sardinia. Many of the hotels are located close to the beach and have activities that involve its presence. If you love shopping you will be delighted by small shops and also you will have the opportunity to try out specific foods, based mostly on seafood and fish.

Remember always that whatever options you choose, any trip can be beautiful and accessible if you organize your budget step by step.




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