Azores Islands...more than charming

Azores are a group of Portuguese islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The blue lagoons embraced by green forests, narrow beaches and pastures with plenty of greenery, tea plantations, flowers, 15th-century churches and also a pleasant air combined with the famous whales bathing in the ocean. This is Azores.

The weather is pretty wet, with small temperature variations between summer and winter. Because of the volcano origin, the beach sand is black and the volcano lakes are among the main attractions being particularly great.

The Azores Archipelago is formed of 9 islands of volcano origin divided into: eastern group of islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria; central group of islands: Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial Island & the western group of Flores and Corvo islands.

Sao Miguel is the largest island of the Azores, famous for its beautiful flowers, green landscapes, numerous volcanic lakes and the lively city Ponta Delgada.

Worth to visit

- The picturesque town - Sete Cidades, where there is a sprawling botanical garden park - Terra Nostra.

- Lago del Fuogo, Furnas, where are geysers and Lake Furnas, where the earth is so hot that people dig holes and put there pots for boiling food.

- Sete Cidades, where there are two side by side lakes, one green and one blue, so the landscape is very interesting and a bit weird.

- Island of Vila Franca do Campo, which is a crater located in the ocean.

- Fogo Lake - in the middle of a volcanic crater.

- Pico Island - with its exotic vegetation and spectacular rock basins.

- Graciosa Island - a white beautiful island, with a pastoral landscape, windmills, hot springs and an amazingly beautiful picturesque coastline.

- Terceira - perhaps the most beautiful of islands.

- Pico, Portugal's highest elevation, with its 2351m, on the neighboring island of Faial and the youngest of the archipelago, Pico.




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