Aridea - Greece

Aridea is situated in the north of Greece, about 120 km from Thessaloniki, being one of the most beautiful and picturesque resorts. Aridea is an intimate destination, not very well known, but with a great potential. Here is a green forest in the middle of a flowing river: Termopotaos - The Hot River. This area is called also the ‘’Garden of Eden’’, because of its impressive beauty. Mountains, fresh air, crystal clear waters with therapeutic properties and waterfalls seem endless. This painting completes a wonderful unique experience in Greece. In Aridea is a hydrotherapy clinic with springs, since antiquity. Here there are different kind of pools and natural waterfalls. Water acidity includes different ranges, such as acidic, neutral and alkaline. All the relaxation spaces are designed to treat various ailments, such as skin, bone, liver, bladder, and many others. In Aridea Greece there are mysterious caves, being considered a unique monument of nature. Aridea is a superb location and a balance between mind, body and soul.


Adi A
18 Feb 2015 22:40
Indeed, Aridea Greece is a picturesque resort.

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