A summer city break in Cologne

Cologne is the oldest city of Germany, with the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, being also the place where homosexuals from Germany are meeting in the most famous gay parade in the world.

Located in north-western Germany on the banks of the Rhine, (which is one of the main attractions of the city), Cologne invites you into a romantic atmosphere, wonderful places, historic buildings and delicious gastronomic specialties such as Halver Hahn – a kind of bagel with Gouda Cheese.

On the left bank of the Rhine, housed in a futuristic building, there is the famous chocolate museum – Schokoladen Museum - http://www.schokoladenmuseum.de/start.html - financed and built in 1993 by Dr. Hans Imhoff, former president of Stollwerck, being inaugurated in 1993.Access to it is easy, crossing a bridge over the Rhine. The museum is unique in the world by its form, backed by over 3,000 years of chocolate history.

Among the most visited tourist attractions in Cologne, there is the Dome, which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, entered in UNESCO. What is really impressive is that the construction of the dome lasted for about 632 years. As you climb the tower of the Dome you will need about 1 hour, so it sounds pretty challenging and exhausting too.

The largest collection of pop art, besides the one which is in U.S. is in Cologne, at the Museum Ludwig, which has also included a collection of paintings and graphics signed by Pablo Picasso, being the third largest worldwide.

The fame of Cologne is represented also by the scented Eau de Cologne No. 4711. French soldiers helped to spread the fame of this eau de Cologne, and also have numbered all city buildings, starting from the Dome, and attributed the edifice from Glockengasse Street building, which was produced this cologne, which over time has become the trademark of this product . Today the building houses a showroom and a museum dedicated to perfume 4711.

The Old Hall is the oldest city hall in Germany and definitely should not to be missed, being appreciated by artists from around the world for its beauty and simplistic purity architectural style.

The Synagogue of Cologne is a blend of styles. First had Moorish influences and later had the stamp of neo style. The synagogue is the Hebrew symbol of the city of Cologne, and looks remarkable due to its special shape and its architectural elements.

Cool stuff you have to try when you visit Cologne!

- Eat: 1.Reibekuchen - American pancakes, which are served with potato and applesauce;

2. Glühwein - peanuts pulled in caramel;

- Go to the Hohenzollern Bridge, over the Rhine. Here you will find hundreds of bound locks, representing love and friendship

- Take a cruise on the Rhine, is absolutely delightful, especially in a sunny day

- To see animals from all over the earth go to the zoo

- Go to a pub and get yourself a Kolsch beer

- Volksgarten, Hiroshima-Nagasaki (also known as Aachener-Weiher-) and Stadtgarten are some lovely parks where you can walk and enjoy obviously ... a beer.





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