40 Essential Tips for Traveling with Children

When you plan to travel with your children, make sure to consider all the necessary measures to give your kid a safe and successful stay. By following some of the tips below, you will be able to have part of a wonderful holiday without having problems, neither you nor the children.

1. Try NOT to put yourself first. Your preferences can be totally different from your child's needs and a vacation should be at least 50% if not entirely, adapted to the type of activities preferred by your kids.

2. Determine your child to wish the journey, tells him about the beautiful places he could see there and the advantage of knowing new playmates. In case is greater as age, involve him in planning the itinerary, so he will be aware and proud that he took part in important decisions related to the trip.

3. Choose a relaxing destination, such as a secluded beach, a camping, a spa or places like those. Avoid the overcrowded places usually full of tourists.

4. Make sure you have all the necessary documents for the trip with your child, the consent of the second parent is required, also if it’s necessary the adoption or divorce papers. Ask for information a lawyer or ask your country's embassy or Consulate.

5. Keep in mind that in most countries, children, including newborns must have their own passport in order to travel. Also, if parents need a visa to enter in the specific country, the children will definitely need it too.

6. Be careful to have multiple copies of identity documents of your child and what would be required (birth certificate, divorce judgment if the spouses are separated ... etc.).

7. Bring with you recent photographs of the child and also in your own phone pictures of it, to be found, in case it wanders.

8. In the unlikely event your child gets lost, make sure he has copies of personal documents with him, and your phone number to be contacted. An option might be to tie your phone number from his favorite toy.

9. Before you purchase the airline tickets, cruise, rail etc. contact in advance the transport company, to see if they have special rules regarding travel with children.

10. Consult your doctor before going on a trip and make sure that your child’s health is very good. Ask in advance about the specific diseases that could be taken during the voyage and the precautions you should take.

11. If specific vaccines are needed to protect the child, make sure he has done them, some time before the travel. It's not advisable, only in the emergency situations, that the child to be vaccinated in the very same day of the trip, because may have dizziness, vomiting episodes, because of the possible adverse effects of vaccines.

12. Plan several stops along the way, if you travel by car. Children often need to go to the bathroom. If you have a baby, make sure that the special seat is installed correctly.

13. Make sure you take the necessary medication prescribed by the doctor of your child. Ask your transport company about the dosage accepted in the cabin.

14. Take with you a part of the health kit, patches to treat small blisters or sores, baby sunscreen if you go in destinations where the sun is strong. Do not forget the mosquito lotion.

15. The backpack is more comfortable to wear, especially when you have your arms occupied, and in it, can easily fit diapers, baby food, the airline tickets, papers, clothes for the little one or other items.

16. Do not forget about the health insurance, both you and your child. It is very important to be insured in case of small incidents, a sprained foot or for more serious accidents, which unfortunately can happen to anyone.

17. In case your child is traveling alone, the transport companies require that it be brought by a parent (tutor) and taken over at the end of the trip, so you must have the necessary documents to take it.

18. Before you prepare your luggage for travel, check the weather during your stay abroad. The child must feel comfortable during their stay.

19. However, the rainy weather can be defeated - taking games, coloring books, tell jokes, riddles, laugh more, all make children happy and you will have the perfect vacation.

20. The bags must be prepared carefully, make sure you will not miss anything your child has at home, such as the clothes with which he feels most comfortable, the most comfortable shoes, toys, video games or tablet). . Remember the limit of 100 ml for liquids in the airplane cabin. The toys, video games or the tablet are very useful in periods of waiting at the airport, so don’t forget to bring them.

21. Book early the hotel room, contact the hotel representatives and discuss their rules in the area of children. It’s not really comfortable for the kids to wait while you search for accommodation.

22. Discuss in advance with the hotel representatives on activities that you might have with children in the complex. Many hotels offer recreational activities and playground.

23. Prepare your itinerary early, so that the activity that you will have during the trip to attract children and to wish to travel in the future.

24. When traveling with the children, there are companies that offer priority boarding. It is advisable to reduce the waiting times, so your child may feel more enjoyable in its journey.

25. Most airlines allow parents traveling with children to board on the aircraft early - so to provide the sufficient time to install the car seat and all other luggage. It is good to know this and take advantage.

26. In the case of airlines, the child seat differs from the one you use in your car, so speak with the company representatives, to give all the necessary support so that your child to travel comfortably.

27. During the trip, do not let your child to read in the moving vehicles, because the reading could result bad condition, such as vomiting and dizziness due to the awkward position of the body. The airsick can be attenuating when the child sits with eyes closed.

28. In case you travel with a baby, to avoid the ear pain caused by the increasing altitude, move your child's attention on the milk bottle, and if it has a higher age encourage him to chew gum at takeoff and landing.

29. The window seats are contraindicated if you want to go to the toilet frequently, you want to have access to the cabin luggage, or you can’t constantly stay in one place, because you have to watch your child.

30. Always supervise your children and do not let him play in another area of the plane than where you are or let him talk to strangers.

31. Prepare for delays so make sure you have enough food, clothing, entertainment, to avoid the future problems, caused by stress and boredom.

32. If the distance is large, choose a night flight during which the baby is quite likely to sleep. Ideally, is to choose the direct flight, to avoid the stopovers which are so tiring.

33. Some airlines offer a kit for baby and fun package for activity on the aircraft, especially for long flights.

34. It’s great to have always some spare clothes for your baby during the trip.

35. Once at the destination (airport, train station) - shorten as much as possible the way to the hotel and give your child a few hours of rest. It is preferable that the transport, to do it by car (taxi) or train (subway), so try to avoid the crowded buses.

36. If that is a big time zone difference in the destination where you arrived, make sure that your child spends as much time outdoors, because this difference might cause insomnia.

37. Give everyone enough space for sleep - very often with the idea to save some money, we get a room too small, to sleep with the children, which is not really a good option. Try to choose a room / rooms large enough, so everyone to feel good in its space.

38. Ensure that in the itinerary you will include an amusement park for children, so your child will feel in his element.

39. If someday you run from a museum to another to visit everything you want to see, the next day should be one of total relaxation. Thus, you rest and children do not get bored with one activity or get tired with the run among the museums.

40. Encourage your child to collect postcards and magnets, to wish to travel to as many places as possible.


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