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Our 2015 Travel Resolutions List

I'm pretty sure you think about the new travel resolutions that you have to do in 2015! For this, all you need is ... inspiration...followed by determination, as you can find the best ways to achieve your travel Resolutions for 2015! Whether you're shy at the beginning of the road and a longer vacation gives you trouble, your budget is tight and free time is a problem, you should clean up your life and put on paper a title that certainly will have a good impact for you in the New Year: Which are my Travel Resolutions for 2015?! Simple question, important answer! The key to any New Year's travel resolution is to adapt the trip to your personal style, to your goals and always look ahead, but still enjoying the present. I could give you an idea of what I mean, hoping that my ideas will help you as well they helped me to set my travel resolution for 2015!

#1 Choose places where you feel in your element is the main factor to keep in mind when choosing your 2015 travel resolutions!

To make a list of Travel Resolutions, in my opinion, the main factor is to think about your personal comfort! Without it, any trip planned to the last detail, can be a failure. Where do I fit in? What activities do I enjoy? What I wish to do? For example, if you do not like to bathe in the crowds and smell all kinds of smells, choose not to walk on the streets of Mumbai, opt for a more airy place. Always choose to be you, even in a mirage, find the way to do what you like, in places that represents you!

#2 Choose wisely, not impulsive & stay informed are the basic pawns of the 2015 travel resolutions list, extremely important to ensure your perfect trip.

Not because eating seafood is trendy, wear funky style is fashionable and going in a shopping trip is in great demand, you’ll have to try these. Sometimes it's good to do that, but sometimes can be just a caprice. Go to places that you have on your bucket list, do not forget about the budget, because is also extremely important and take how much information you can about the destination you shall visit. You should inform about the place that you are about to visit. If there is any conflict area, diseases, weather conditions, if there are warnings of terrorist and so on. Usually such information can be found on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Going on the road being informed is a matter of self-respect. Choose to be informed and updated on what is happening around you!

# 3 Visit the places around your country and put on your list of 2015 travel resolutions, interesting and interactive trips, not the expensive ones!

No need to go to the ends of the earth, just to say you traveled or to believe you need a fortune to make a trip. There are so many low-cost airlines: www.easyjet.com/, www.ryanair.com/, www.flypgs.com/en/, www.wizzair/com (in Europe); www.jetblue.com/, www.westjet.com/, https://www.interjet.com.mx/(in North America), and many other low-cost companies spread on the globe, which allows you to travel with less money and see many places. You should start to discover countries around the place where you live. Whether by car or by plane, you will be amazed how many beauties you can discover!

# 4 Save money and book a last-minute trip, thus, your 2015 travel resolutions list to contain also the spontaneous part of a holiday!

The vacation of your dreams is now at half price? Oh, sounds more than ideal! You will jump up, cheerful, that you have kept on your card some backup €. The best websites where you will find significant discounts are: https://Lastminute.com, https://JetSetter.com and https://groupon.com.

# 5 Manage your budget but don’t overdo because is not the case to ruin your appetite for travel and transform your 2015 travel resolutions into a list of drawbacks...

To make your travel budget can be difficult especially if you want to do many things, to see as many places as possible and have some of the most wonderful experiences. But I think you have to choose quality and not quantity. Even if you're neither the richest nor the poorest person, you deserve to have some quality, and this may be reflected in the simple things too. If you can eat a hamburger on the street, do it! If you can dine at a restaurant located at floor 55, do it! If you can do snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and then, in the next day to drink a coffee in the Eiffel Tower, do it! What I mean is that everyone sets their budget how they think it's ok. Some plan their trip on a budget, because this can afford, others choose a trip with a huge or very huge budget, because that make them happy. It depends on you and your possibilities. But do not forget which your priorities are and what makes you truly happy. In fact, this is the point.

# 6 Use Free Travel Apps which must necessarily be part of your travel resolutions for 2015!

The free travel apps are extremely useful when you're in a new place and need some valuable information. You must have a Smartphone and to install these free travel applications:

GateGuru - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gateguru-airport-info-flight/id326862399?mt=8 - It becomes your reliable friend when you're at the airport and you do not want to miss the boarding gate. This free travel application shows you where the gate is, which are the places around the airport and when you arrived at your destination, helps you to find the best car rental deals.

Now that you have reached the destination, you need to eat somewhere, but where? Use the free app Foodspotting - http://www.foodspotting.com/find/in/The-World - you can find out the nearest restaurants, impressions, prices and even photos from clients who were in that restaurant.

Airbnb - https://www.airbnb.com/ - helps a lot when you go on a trip and want to accommodate on a budget. Instead of staying at a hotel, you may choose to stay at an apartment/house. This free application puts you in direct connection with the owners of apartments, studios or homes. You will find also reviews of the persons who were staying there. Basically, you'll save a lot of money, plus you will make new friends!

# 7 Learn to make beautiful shots and you'll know why I add this to my 2015 travel resolutions list!

There's nothing nicer than to look back on your travels through the pictures. If you still take pictures, why don’t you learn some photography tips? For example, if you photograph a landscape, a person or any other subject in the middle of the day, the picture will not be quite impressive, because the solar rays fall perpendicularly on the subject, and images are "flat", without shadows and without dynamism. So shot exactly when the light highlights the subject!

# 8 Find out when it's best to go and where and be sure to put this on your 2015 travel resolutions list, because you cannot guess how essential it is!

Avoid going somewhere in the high season: much higher prices and huge queues at the main attractions. Be very careful when you go, you really don’t want to hug any hurricane or unbearable temperatures. Check this usefull site: http://www.thebesttimetovisit.com/.

# 9 Choose to relax and transform your list of 2015 travel resolutions in a relaxing experience.

When you travel, you tend to be in as many places, even if time is short. By doing so, you are always in a constant agitation and omit exactly what's important: relaxation. Take time for yourself. You went on vacation to relax. Manage your time and make possible to visit but also to relax. A spa, a massage or simply lazing around, would be great!

# 10 Share your travels with your friends and make sure you share your list with the new 2015 travel resolutions!

Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, your personal blog or other means of communication, it would be great to share with your friends and family, the places where you are going. You give ideas to others or you can ask for some tips. Plus, there's a way to be permanently connected with news and discover new people and places.


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