15 Mistakes we make in a TRIP

All of us who travel often have the need to control their own journey, for reasons of personal safety or comfort or desire to carry things better. But unfortunately, often the events do not unfold in the way that we wanted, often gaining another turn. Thinking at my own initiatives leading to the smallest detail a journey and influencing the route, but also seeing at my friends all the mistakes they make when planning a trip, I decided to make a list of the most frequent misconceptions, mistakes and related plans that deliberately or not, we do when we plan a trip.

1. We put a lot of unnecessary stuff in bag and forget the essential things. Try not to put in your luggage unnecessary things like accessories, too many clothes, and many kinds of body creams, perfumes and other stuff. However, always remember that in a journey of several days, it should not reduce on how trendy you're dressed or how much perfume you sprayed on your skin. Also, no need to pull a heavy and uncomfortable luggage, feeling it like a huge stone that will give you back pain, preventing you from enjoying the way from airport to hotel and vice-versa,  discovering the way to your destination where you wanted so much to go.

2. We pay too much attention to the outfits, and omit the comfort. Instead of worrying about the number of outfits worn every day, give shoes a special interest. Shoes should be comfortable, with low soles, because wearing heals will most likely make you weep of blisters or corns, that will definitely cut your desire to walk. If you really want to get better in pictures, you can throw in luggage, some heels for a night at the restaurant or a short walk.

3. Sometimes we leave the money on the card and have few cash. Try to have cash on you; do not let all the money on the card. Often, for known or unknown reasons, some institutions, shops, restaurants, does not accept the type of card that you have, or simply does not work, even if it is mentioned in their list of acceptance. Or maybe you will not find an ATM in time and when you need it and that can be downright stressful.

4. We change money without paying attention to the exchange rate. Watch the exchange rate! Can be highly oscillatory in your detriment. Search the Internet the best exchange rates in the city you visit, not to make a bad deal.

5. We don’t check if the ticket details are correct. When you book airfare, look well at how you write your name and other details, or if an agency or another person reserves them for you, do the same thing and verify the accuracy of the data. You don’t want to be turned back, exactly when you should take off, for a minor detail that you could fix in time.

6. We are evasive when not check documents before departure. Before you travel, make sure you have all the documents and also print a few backup copies. It would be ok to have those copies also on your email.

7. We are too worried about the weather conditions when it's not necessary. The idea that if it rains and you have to give up your destination, it is wrong, unless it would hinder you to do a certain thing. In fact, in most trips remember that the weather was completely unpredictable and often when they say it's sun, the rain is dancing and vice versa. Do not be so rigid and try to see the bright side. However, for some parts of the world, to watch the weather forecast can be extremely important. I do not think you want to be in the middle of a hurricane or fry in the middle of desert, so take a look on this important issue.

8. We forget to make medical insurance, saying that it’s not going to happen to us. Wrong idea! Often, even for a stomach ache, you may need professional help during your visit. So for a few extra Euros, do not play with your health!

9. We are tempted to try dishes which we are not accustomed to eat. Although the temptation is alluring, be weighted when trying the specific dishes of the country you visit. Your stomach might have a not so pleasant surprise and creates you a state of discomfort, perhaps even major problems.

10. We choose the first restaurant that seems nice and is not so crowded. Whether it's expensive and the food is bad. Whether it's bad and cheap food. Either have a strict menu. Choose a restaurant that is not exactly centrally located. Usually those have extremely expensive prices. Opt for restaurants that are full. This means that the food is good and has no time to spoil.

11. When we go in exotic trips, we believe it is the same as if we go to European countries. Things are different, and habits, mentality, traditions, vehicles, conditions too. Carefully studying some basic rules would be great and thus, ones you get there, you’ll not be surprised or put in unpleasant situations.

12. We tend to believe that people are honest and fair. Once, maybe this was real but in the present days you need to pay an increased attention of people who give them money to provide services. From the optional excursions to travel by taxi, you should inform clearly about the charges, to not have bad surprises and to pay overpriced.

13. We keep all the money and documents in one place. The essential rule is to have your documents and money in separate places, although all of us, for convenience, keep them in the same place. Well, when you go out at night for a walk, take a copy of the ID and not too much money. Attention to the bag. It would be great to always have it close to your body and the bag to have a zipper. Give up the idea to hold something in your pockets jeans or jacket.

14. We say that will take the map and brochure of the city from the airport or hotel. Buy from your country at least the public transport map or print it off the internet. Often, the first thought when you land is to get in the bus which will take you downtown and might forget to take a map from the airport, so it will be quite hard to handle. Get out of your country with a guide book, who will be your loyal friend throughout your journey.

15. We are anxious to see what those around us can afford to do and buy. That's not the idea of ​​traveling. If you do that, you'd better stay home and not travel, because you do it in vain anyway. Basically, you devolve yourself and totally fail to enjoy the landscapes, nature, people, ideas, feelings and experiences. Are you focused on having, not on feeling…be aware of the joy of traveling and the fact that not many can afford to see the world, so it's time for a change and a new journey. Safe travels!



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