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If you ask me about Zaragoza two things come to my mind: Joining and sealing. These two are given by mixed cultures and environment. For start, we traveled with Wizz Air, 70 euros, per person, round trip. Airport is 10 km away from the city. The bus is 1.60 euros per person, to get to city center. Buses in city travels also at night, up to 6.00 and the cost is 1 euro per person.  Zaragoza is a weekend destination because there are tempting offers all over the year and it is a little and cute city, so 2, or 3 days are welcome. We picked a nice and cozy 4 stars hotel, in the heart of Zaragoza, Hotel Silken Zentro. (

Actually there are 2 hotels bearing that name, they are adjacent, the first is Silken De Aragon and the second is Silken Zentro. We had no idea so was quite funny because we wanted to accommodate at the first one. We paid for 2 nights, double room, breakfast included, around 120 euros. Near the hotel you have everything: shops, bakeries, restaurants and cafes. The hotel has clean and spacious rooms, tasty breakfast ( especially chocolate donuts ) and very helpful staff. They gave us a very useful map with all the streets and sight of the city. The map is in the section dedicated to pictures so give her a quick print.

Attractions travelers recommend
Plaza del Pilar

At chapter ,, things to do", I will mention first of all Plaza del Pilar, where is La Seo Cathedral, Town Hall and Basilica of Pilar and La Lonja. Basilica del Pilar is between river Ebro and Plaza del Pilar. Is considered to be the piece of resistance of the Baroque style. Work of Ventura Rodriguez called Santa Capilla is in the Basilica del Pilar and represents the image of the Virgen del Pilar. Seo Cathedral is a mix of styles, a great architectural building and the interior is spectacular. The choir, whose voices seem torn from heaven and the angelic decor takes you to infinity. Palacio de la Aljaferia is one of the most important monument of Zaragoza. He has different artistic approaches and several artistic styles. It is surrounded by parks, gardens and olive trees. In the past, muslims considered that the palace was a real paradise or the palace of joy.



River Ebro

River Ebro divides Zaragoza in two parts. There are also many bridges that make the transition between various points of the city. Surely you can make some pretty good shots. Zaragoza Museum includes work such as the famous local artist - Francisco Goya. For art lovers this museum is a cultural delight. Few essential places to visit and welcoming streets and shops bring joy in your soul when you decide to make a stop in Zaragoza.



Shopping at Plaza de Espana

Certainly want to know more about shopping. The biggest shopping area stretches from Plaza de Espana to Plaza del Pilar. You can find from big brands to local shops, all kind of boutique and also products at discounts. They call them ,,Rebajas,,.The main attraction is Il Corte Ingles, a huge mall where you can find clothes, cosmetics , books, jewelry, bags, electronics, perfumes and so on. In our last day in Zaragoza, we went to Centro Comercial Gran Casa, one of the largest in the city, including a branch of the famous Il Corte Ingles. It is far enough so you have to take the bus ( ticket -1 euro ). I don't exactly remember from where we got it but the staff is extremely helpful and will explain how to get there.



Try Zaragoza food

Regarding the food we tried different kind of bakery, vanilla and walnut croissants, cakes with honey and blackberry jam but also slices of ham fried in tomato sauce. At Zaragoza Gran Cafe coffe has a strong flavor and a delicious taste, although the prices ar quite high. Is known as the best cafe of the city. I admit that we bought food from Il Corte Ingles, so we have not been to restaurants, good quality, prices more then ok and is also very close to the hotel, 10 minutes walking. Other supermarkets I do not recommend because the products quality is not so good. The central market of fresh fruits and vegetables, after quenching your thirst with juicy fruits, invites you to see the perspective of the entire Roman wall, which is behind the market.



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