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Situated about 300 km west of Athens, Zakynthos is part of the Ionian Islands, being the southernmost and the third largest of them, after Corfu and Kefalonia.

Zakynthos International Airport, "Dionysios Solomos" is located 4.3 kilometers from the island's capital, and from there you can reach any point of the island.

Zakynthos impresses tourist through olive groves, citrus and pine forests that provide a dreamily vegetation, but also being the cradle of many civilizations. The best time to travel is from May to October, you can find lower rates until the middle of June and after mid-September.

Zakynthos is a green island, and that's why Homer called it "Iliessa" which means "forest". The Venetians called it the ‘’Flower of the East’’. Also the island is the birthplace of the writer Solomos.

Zante Town is the island's capital and main city here. The city has a bohemian air, given by the rich vegetation, buildings in neoclassical style and beauty of the cliff, which mainly at dusk, is the main promenade of tourists and locals. In the city center is the imposing church of St. Dionysius. In the city you can also choose to visit the Museum of Byzantine Art, the Museum of Solomos, Venetian Castle, also known as Kastro, and the Naval Museum. Also Bochali Hill, where are the ruins of the Venetian citadeland and from here is a superb view of Zante town.

The Wreck of Navagio is certainly the symbol of the island, being the most photographed shipwreck in the world, with a relatively recent history. Navagio (or Shipwrek) is where in 1980 was the sinking of the contraband ship Panagiotis. A lookout point less known, but offering a unique view, is Keri's Head. You can reach up here if you travel by car. Cape Keri is known for its flag of 30m, the highest Greek flag in the world and by its great view which can be seen from the terrace of the restaurant. Also, the Blue Caves and Keri Caves of Zakynthos are two attractions not to be missed, because of what you see here, underwater, and maybe photography, if you are the happy owners of a underwater camera. The blue caves are located in the north of the island, near Cape Schinari, the caves impresses with their unique shapes of the rocks, and the deep blue of the water.

Kalamaki is one of the most beautiful and picturesque resorts on the island of Zakynthos, with a relaxing and wonderful beaches, and is situated in a bay in the south-east Zakynthos island, lies along a beach with fine golden sand, declared a national park because of its beauty and turtle Caretta-Caretta that live here.

Keri Caves-Caretta Caretta Trip - is a special trip to see the famous turtles. You can choose the one on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The cruise starts from Laganas harbor and continues with a visit to the National Park of the Turtles Caretta-Caretta Marin after that visit Marathonisi island where the boat will stop for swimming for 45 minutes, then visit the Keri Caves where you will have a second round of swimming and if you're lucky you can see the famous turtles, the whole adventure is 15 Euros.

Zakynthos inhabitants are known for their religiosity and the most significant monasteries are Agios Dionysos, the most important of the island, Aghios Dimitrios and Agios Mavra, but also Aghios Ioannis Thelogou, built on the ruins of the Temple of Artemis, Panagia tis Eleftherotrias, women's monastery, built in 1961.

The Venetian Fortress is a building full of history. Located on the spot where, according to historical documents, the island is the old citadel (Psophida). Venetian fortress was built in 1646 by Venetian engineers, aided by local builders. During that time it was paved the main street (Street Giustiniana).

Fun and Nightlife

If you are young and want fun, I recommend Laganas, which is the new spot of the parties in Greece with  over 100 bars, restaurants and modern clubs, a very hectic night life, a fine sandy beach, very crowded in season, and a lot of turtles. Situated in Laganas Bay, the island is known as a haven for turtles Caretta. The island itself is shaped like a turtle. It has two beaches, one with golden sand, where the Caretta turtles lay their eggs and another with fine pebbles and two small caves that can be visited. You should try Cameo Island - is an island club, which is linked to Zakynthos by a wooden bridge, entry is 4 EUR with a drink included once you arrived on the island. PS: Rescue Club Zante is the biggest club in the Ionian Islands and the best club in Zakynthos. PS1: The food at a tavern in the cosmopolitan resort of Laganas, is very good and the portions are very big.

Near Laganas is Kalamaki, which is quieter and is suitable for families with children, especially because the sea water increases gradually. From the beach you can watch all the flights that are preparing to land because the airport is at a short distance from the village.

Volimes is a small town in the north, which offers a view of tourist eager to discover the beauties of Zakynthos. Here is the monastery of St. Andrew, of which many fragments of paintings were stored in the Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos. Everything in there is the cave Xygia Volimes famous for sulfur water which spread a pungent odor in the area and which is believed to have therapeutic properties.

In Bohali you will find the most powerful traditional note around the island. Located atop a hill full of vegetation specific to the city is famous for its panorama can be admired here. They feature numerous cafes where tourists can enjoy a hot coffee in a traditional atmosphere with local music. Attractions of the hill Bohali are tight considered a place of inspiration of Dionysus Solomos, national poet of Greece, and the Venetian Castle.

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Very nice .... Zakynthos Greece ....the beautiful green island.
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