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Combining a visit to the enchanting Geneva with a pleasant stroll in one of the most beautiful villages in France, such as Yvoire? Believe me, it would be more than just an enjoyable experience. Here, enters into the scene, a medieval town, extraordinarily picturesque and beautiful, which lasts from the early 14th century (700 years of history) - named YVOIRE, the priceless gem of Lake Geneva.

From Geneva up to Yvoire are approximately 30 km, by car or by train and boat. Afterwards, voilà! Right in front of your eyes you’ll capture the classic beauty of a small medieval town which seems to have been left as it was centuries ago. It's fantastic!

If you’re coming in Yvoire in a late spring or summer, you will enjoy sunny days, cobblestone streets with all sorts of chic shops, restaurants, souvenirs and little colorful houses decorated with fragrant flowers, and last but not least, the outstanding landscape of Lake Geneva and the mountains that surround it, plus the imposing Chateau d’Yvoire standing glorious on the lake.

Can you imagine the amazing photos that you gonna do? Personally, I am extremely excited when I get the chance to admire and take pictures of a friendly landscape in which water, mountains and an impetuous castle conspire together. They make the difference between an ordinary picture and a picture that has a story behind it.

Going back on track, Yvoire is a pedestrian friendly village (small but appealing), so you can walk freely and enjoy everything she shows you. Walking down to the marina and taking advantage of the priceless Lake Geneva views it’s something you should definitely not miss! Did you know that on a sunny day you’ll be able to see across the lake both Geneva and Lausanne? The little boats and yachts anchored and those colorful flowers sprinkled along the shore will help you take some pretty cool shots!

The old part of the town induces you a feeling of dreaming and wellbeing, dressed-up with charming flowery alleys, chic and cozy boutiques and restaurants, bright wooden terraces touched by the sublime scent of thousands of flowers, Léman's old rocks full of history, immersing yourself in a fascinating story. It's not surprising at all that Yvoire is the center of tourism in Haute-Savoie, and lots of tourists annually gather to contemplate a small piece of heaven on earth. Keep in mind to visit Yvoire during the week, so you'll avoid the crowds.

Sailing and nature enthusiasts would be delighted to enjoy the lake on a boat, don’t forget that Yvoire is on the French shore of Lake Geneva, so it’s such a great spot to start your journey.

A former 14th century dungeon, now omnipresent on all postcards – the Yvoire Castle, is probably the most photographed landmarks in Yvoire. Proudly, the castle quickly caches the attention of photographers, who remain astonished by its beautiful contrasts with the blue lake that surrounds it and the Alps behind. At the bottom of the castle you will see ramparts and gates, classified as a “Historical Monument”, being the fortifications of the medieval village used to defend the city.

The church of Saint Pancras in Yvoire will impress you with its special feature - the onion dome. It’s a perfect spot to meditate and recharge your batteries. The church bears the name of Saint Pancras, the patron saint of children. Because it’s covered with stainless steel it gives the appearance of a lighthouse, set right on Lake Geneva, so the outlook is indeed unique.

In the heart of the village is a gem that will tickle and delight all your five senses - The Garden of Five Senses, a remarkable garden compared with a green labyrinth in the shade of which you’ll see the spectacular edifice of the castle Yvoire. The garden is filled with arbors, apple trees, fruits & vegetables, medicinal herbs, blue clematise, water fountains & singing birds. Besides all of these, it was designed especially for meditation and relaxation, a small alpine forest.

Yvoire boats dozens of places where you could enjoy your lunch, so many that starts to become difficult to choose a few. However, if you want to eat an exceptional dessert, the most delicious crepes ever, we recommend La Crêperie d'Yvoire. With a terrace overlooking the Garden of the Five Senses, the lake and castle, the restaurant les Jardin du Leman it’s so inviting. Try the fabulous creamy pannacotta or the daring combination of polenta with caramel, peanuts and pistachio.

We invite you to try local specialties!

Flooded with numerous species of fish from Lake Geneva, Yvoire (old fishing village) presents the most famous and sought fish – the perch, followed by trout, arctic char, roach and more. You can also try those tasty dry sausages, the fantastic cheese from Savoie, delicious chocolate crêpe (pancakes) or the refreshing flavor of an ice cream. Overall, in Yvoire you have plenty of options to quench your appetite and a diversity of landscapes and special places through which you beautify your mind and soul. Wish you an inspiring trip in Yvoire, one of the most beautiful villages of France!

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