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Why I love Tunisia?

I love Tunisia so badly… I do not know why, but I like that it has that fabulous thing… salt, desert, heat, rock, archeology, history, good prices, is a safe country, which is an import aspect and its capital, Tunis, seems like a dream. Perhaps my appetite to Tunisia is due to my inclination for the Arab world, customs & traditions.

Bored of walking and shopping through the Istanbul and somehow nervous that I didn’t had the control over the credit card, being in the possession of my beloved wife ...:))))…. even with 4  days more of holiday at our disposal, we decided to put all our forces and go out of Istanbul…in another country, in Tunisia. For being in the middle of June ... in Istanbul was hot ... even exaggerated ... and we decided to go someplace hotter, is not it? :))))

Returning to the serious stuff, I reached the airport Tunis Carthage, flying with the company Tunis Air and I gave around 350 EUR round trip.

One of the best places in town is Medina, there you will have the opportunity to hear wonderful stories and insightful about what the town used to be. In addition, you have the chance to find all kinds of markets, merchants and nice bargains. I'm really sorry that I did not take a guide, maybe because we only stayed one day and a half, but I'll try to write briefly what is worth to do in Tunis.

First of all, you will see that at the hotel they will probably give you a map and a flyer with information about Tunis and also the surroundings…so if you want take one and visit Cartagena, where there are some ruins… 60 Euros is the trip through there...if you ask not so necessary...becouse all you will se are some ruins, If you're enthusiastic to see such things go, if not, do not throw your money, keep it for what follows in the review below...

Ok…so you should see in Tunis: Bardo Museum with the largest collection of mosaics in the world, the Moorish palace that now houses the museum and was the residence of the kings of Tunisians. Besides fabulous mosaic exhibition, the museum also contains important collections of prehistoric, Roman, Punic and Islamic. You should go and see a pretty village, called Sidi Bou Said, is all painted in white, is situated on a hill that dominates the bay of Tunis…the view are incredible… the doors and windows are all colored in blue and everything is so peaceful…then you must stop at the traditional café's Nattes where the access is pretty hard…the steps are very abrupt. If you don’t wanna rick, you could try the Sidi Chebaane café, situated above the bay, where you can admire an impressive view over the bay and you could feel the sunrises so warm.

You need definitely to rent a car if you want to enjoy Tunisia, you must see also cities such as Sousse or Monastir and also Sahara Desert….

To feel the adrenaline, opt for a trip to the desert with SUVs is welcoming when visiting Tunisia. A walk of about 2 hours cost you approx. 30 euros but worth it. You will see Chott el-Jerid is the largest of a series of giant salt lakes that separates northern desert area of southern Tunisia and as surface occupies about 5,000 square kilometers and appears lifeless, especially when we were in the middle of summer, looked like he evaporated completely.

Sousse is a maritime city, modern and always crowded and noisy, so has nothing to do with Tunis, where is quite. It has also a mosque, a bay El Kanto and is surrounded fields of golf and shopping markets. You should also see Monastir, a small town with beautiful beaches, is a perfect destination for its beautiful resorts…

You should know that all homes are below a mosque, because Tunisians believes that nobody should be above than Allah. Which impressed me was that Tunisians have food which consists almost entirely of vegetables and fruits, they eat extremely healthy. Among the tested culinary goodies were include: Kuskus - wheat, rye and vegetables with a sauce of meat, a marvelous taste!....the famous baklava with almonds and walnuts, a sort of beaten eggs with garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, spices, called Şakşuka, which is typical Tunisian specialty.

For shopping you can choose a mall in Sousse or Tunis. Benetton and Celio may be a good choice. For basic shopping can go to Carrefour, Monoprix or Champignon or Soula shopping center is a good local store with fixed prices.

Tunisian landscape is extremely beautiful and interesting. Atlas mountain chain crossing the country in the north, the Sahara desert with its fertile plains mostly in the south, the Mediterranean Sea is very impressive, with a length of 1300 km - Tunisian coast and a plenty things to do. I recommend Tunisia,to go with family, children, parents or to go with your loved one. It is a unique adventure, a story written by your steps and my advice is get a guide, so you'll fill with useful information that you cannot find on the internet. Beautiful journey! Marco.

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Posted Feb 13, 2015

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