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Kavala is one of the largest cities in northern Greece and the bridge to The Green Island of Greece – Thassos Island.To get in Kavala, you should know that the city has a developed infrastructure, with multiple modes of transport: road, sea and air. So you can reach Kavala, either by car, on the European road E90 and from the Egnatia Motorway or you can use the interregional transport - Bus Lines (KTEL), linking Kavala to Thessaloniki and Athens. One of the advantages of traveling by car is that you can sit right on the city hill, staying up even in one of the hotels who offer a wonderful view of the entire city, the Aegean and the island of Thassos which is visible from afar. The city has an international airport,  "Alexander the Great", which is 27 km from Kavala port and connects it with Athens and the major cities of Europe. Also, to get here, you can opt for boat or ferry or to go from Kavala, to the 'Emerald Isle' - Thassos.


·         Nea Iraklitsa, a 1.5 km long beach with fine sand, restaurants and cafes along, offering the possibility to make a boat trip, exploring caves and islands such as Kokkina, Fidonissi and Panagia. The scenery is gorgeous, the water is light blue with iridescent turquoise, the green hill seen at the horizon and the sun seems that merges with the entire landscape. Here, lounge chairs, umbrellas and tray tables are free, but the condition is to consume drinks, which is not much, considering that prices for drinks are more than ok, a bottle of water is 0.5 cents, a frappe, around 2 Euros, a Fanta dose, 1, 5 euro. (The official currency is the euro). Also for families but not only, is the Nea Peramos beach, which includes three villages, ideal facilities to spend a vacation and the tourism is well developed.

·         Ammolofoi is the most popular beaches, especially among young people, parties and good vibes, being crowned all the time. Here the beaches have sand dunes, desert vegetation, Caribbean-style bars and facilities for water sports, the atmosphere being livelier.

·         Ammoglossa in Keramoti, Perigiali beach, Rapsani, Kalamitsa, Batis, Tosca, Sarakina and a part of Ammolofoi and Nea Iraklitsa, have been awarded a "blue flag".


  • Shops open in summer: MON. WED, SAT 8.00-14.00 & TUE, THU, FRI also afternoon 18.00-21.00
  • Supermarkets: MON-FRI all day long 8:00-21:00, SAT 8:00-20:00
  • Souvenirs and pastry shops have flexible working hours (depends how lucky you are to catch them open)


·         'Kourabiedes' are biscuits with almonds and sugar. ‘Galaktoboureko’ is a specific Greek cake made ​​of semolina and vanilla cream, very tasty as long as it is cooked well and eaten exactly in the same day when it was made. Having breakfast at most restaurants and terraces, you'll see in the menu 'Yaourti me meli', which means yogurt with honey and walnuts. It is well known that Greek yogurt consistency and quality is impeccable, and in combination with nuts and honey, makes it the perfect energy source for the whole day. You can try the delicious baklava, with lot of chocolate and pistachio, or goat's milk ice cream with pistachios, flavored with lemon or orange peel.

·         Mussels with rice, herring saganaki, anchovies wrapped in grape leaves, stuffed eggplant, or the famous Greek ‘souflaki’ prepared with meat fillet of chicken, beef or lamb and Greek salad.


Places to visit:

·         Imaret, a huge impetuous edifice, dating back to the late Ottoman period, is now the most luxurious hotel and restaurant, which maintains the architecture and design of the old times. Unfortunately, to visit it, you have to be accommodated, that unless you're lucky enough to sneak and do some photos. To see a building in the Macedonian style, making a walk in Old Town Square, you will see Mehmt Ali's House.

·         Kamares, a great medieval aqueduct, with a length of 280 m, being completed in the time of Suleiman the Magnificent, with the role of linking the Panagia peninsula and the foothills of Lekan, thus transporting water from the mountain. Located in high aria of the peninsula, where is the Old Town, there is Kavala Castle, one of the most iconic sights of the city, where annually are organized cultural events.

·         The Tobacco Museum is an objective appreciated by tourists, with many exhibits, as in old times, Kavala was the leader of tobacco

·         The pedestrian street Megalou Alexandrou, is an area that has many stylish shops, bars, cafes, terraces, and a lot more nice and cosy places.

Tips and Hints

·         Lounge chairs, umbrellas and tray tables are free, but the condition is to consume drinks, which is not much, considering that prices for drinks are more than ok, a bottle of water is 0.5 cents, a frappe, around 2 Euros, a Fanta dose, 1, 5 euro. (The official currency is the euro). 

·         Be aware that the price of food at restaurants is different, I mean at the same food, even the restaurants are close one to another. If the restaurant is more beautiful and elegant, with a clear view of the port, the prices are double, maybe even triple. Usually the taverns located in the harbor, that does not look so good, and where the menus are only in Greek, have the best food and the most accessible. For example, if at a typical Greek tavern in the harbor, a bowl of Greek salad costs 2 Euros, at a restaurant that looks more elegant, for this salad you will pay 6 Euros, reaching up to 9, 10 Euros.

·         The stores have a strict schedule, because Greeks make their siesta, meaning that starting from lunch time all the stores are closed and they open in the evening, at 6 o'clock, when the city comes alive. The mall is quite small and has limited selection.

·         The distance from Kavala to Thassos is longer, compared to route departing from Keramoti and the trip takes about 75 minutes, depends on what type of ferry you’ll take and what time you choose, because you can do less than 75 minutes, maybe half of this time.

·         The price of the ferry varies according to the port of arrival and also by the type of ferry. A trip may cost around € 4.60 / person/one direction. The ferry will let you in Skala Prinos, a resort with a lot of taverns, a strongly smell of fish, cute souvenirs shops and the beach that starts right from the port and continue with pine forest in an area with fine sand and clear water, ideal for swimming. Just in case you don’t come with the car, I suggest that once you get off the ferry, and don’t want to waste your time and make quickly a bath in the Aegean sea, just stay in Skala Prinos. As soon as the ferry docked, on the left and  right side, there is a long and narrow, sandy beach, most of the time with few people, so it is quieter than the one in Limenas.


For more information about Thassos Island, please visit:







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Arriving in Kavala

- Transport by road is done mainly on the European road E90 and Egnatia Motorway. There is a system of interregional transport - Bus Lines (KTEL) which connects Kavala to Thessaloniki and Athens.

- Air transport is done by the International Airport "Alexander The Great", which is located 27 km from Kavala, being interconnected with Athens airport. - Shipping is done through the port of Kavala, connecting all islands in the northern half of the Aegean.


Egnatia Hotel & Spa

Great prices and a wonderful view over the Aegean Sea and the city 



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