Vatican - A land of serenity

by Antoni E
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One of the things I definitely know, is that you must see ones in your life, Vatican, being perfect for one day trip. The Vatican is a sovereign State, the whole country being located half km parried, it being led by the Pope ( Vatican is the smallest State in the world). The territory of Vatican City can be divided into two zones: to the West, the Vatican and his buildings (the seat of Government, Vatican Radio station) and to the East the construction area: Basilica of San Pietro, the square in front of them, the Vatican museums and buildings of the papal apartments. Some places you should see:

St. Peter's Basilica is built in the Baroque style, it is imposing in the square of San Pietro, the height of the dome is 121 metres and with a total area of 30 000 m2. The Basilica of San Pietro is a work of art that has been built up over many hundreds of years and who have brought the contribution of a large number of artists.

On its facade there is the statue of Jesus, St. John the Baptist, together with the 11 Apostles. The basilica is designed in the shape of a cross between pillars, inside there are 39 niches each having a different statue of was and graves (various popes), and here you will find the sculpture Pieta, "made by Michelangelo. The Vatican Museum has to be visited, although you must sit in the queue...and is a big one... a ticket is 15 euros, here you can find paintings, tapestries and sculptures mosaic, in every corner of the world, pictures of Rafael and Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel ceiling was painted by Michelangelo. CHIESA DI SAN CARLO ALLE QUATTRO FONTANE is the masterpiece of Francesco Boromini, contemporary of Bernini, is one of the most important baroque architects.

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited places in the Vatican, finding it on the right side of the Basilica San Pietro and representing one of the most beautiful treasures of the world. Here is the masterpiece of Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo painted it a manner so impressive, having over 3,000 characters. The East wall of the Sistine Chapel is Michelangelo's famous painting of the Last Judgement-which contains about 300 characters.

Back to the Basilica you can climb the dome of the Basilica; the road can be tiring but the panorama worth the effort...the splendour of the Vatican gardens. You can walk to the top, in which case you pay less, or take the elevator up to the base of the dome, where the climb on foot, as I did. Than visit the Vatican Museums: Museo Gregoriano Egizio, Museo Gregoriano Etrusco, Museo Pinacoteca Missionario-Etnologico and Palazzi Vaticani, Stanze di Raffaello, Cappella Sistina and Appartamento Borgia, Fontana di Trevi, where you should put some coins. Take care because in holidays all the museums are closed. Outside of Vatican there are many souvenir shops, but prices are very high.

I have admired as much as can be seen from the square, bottom, the statue of Jesus, that of St. John the Baptist and 11 Apostles. The columns that define the market, opera artist Bernini, is the State border between the Vatican and Italy.

With all the beauties of the city, a holiday in Rome is definitely incomplete without visiting the most spectacular museums of the world, in Vatican.


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Enia Marcian
02 Dec 2013 16:50
Well...I definitely consider that Vatican is not a good match for one day??!! take one day to see the whole Basilica:)
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