ULM , in Germany - The Einstein Birthplace

by elena pikovshai
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Ulm is the birthplace of the famous Einstein, in Germany. There is a very famous cathedral. Artists' piano sounds of the piano shop that stood in ...Visiting the city is a delight to the eyes, a lesson in aesthetics and civilization. I managed to climb the tower dome and I was laid before exceptional panorama of the city. From there the top, the very top you feel like you're hanging somewhere on the border between heaven and earth, that's because I was sitting with feet on the floor cathedral but head my thoughts already fled somewhere up top. So little head in the clouds, buried in thought, yet down to earth ... Hence, Elm seen so beautiful, with its houses in a perfect line, colored red more ... and the Danube that winds and make their way through these homes through this town not too big, but so well-groomed, tidy and beautiful. It is indeed a delight to watch the city from the sky! I heard that in clear days, the church tower can see the panorama of the Alps ... Ulm Cathedral is representative of the city. It was built starting in 1377 and this Gothic building lasted until 1870. It has a tall tower 161, 5 m, is considered the highest church tower in the world. Muster has a capacity of approx. 2000 seats upright, but the holidays, this number could double or even more. The main tower, so the taller, has 768 steps, more bad, but if you have patience and especially ambition easy climb them and then reward comes as: Elm Uncover with all craftsmanship, beauty and delight you.

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The Traveller
19 Feb 2015 22:38
Indeed, Ulm is Einstein's birthplace in Germany.
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