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Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and the name ‘’Baku’’ means the ‘’windswept town’’ or the ‘’City of Gods’’. Its name is entirely justified given that strong wind is present no matter the season.  Summers here are hot and humid, while winters are famous for low temperatures and fierce snow storms.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and is located in the southern part of the peninsula Apsheron, where dust and pollution are at their home ... well …we ignore this aspect, for a couple of days during our vacation, I guess!

Baku consists of 3 parts: the Old City, New City and the town built by the Soviet Union. The streets are quite airy, except the Old Town, where everything seems detached from another story ... winding and narrow streets, a significantly combination of poverty and richness, as it is their economy. Here the streets are 1.5 m wide and are specifically designed to counter the strong winds coming off the Caspian Sea.  

Population is made ​​up more of Muslims people, who are very cool and willing to help, although English is a problem for them, so they use the ‘’language’’ of hands to help  and guide you if you need it. Ohh, and don’t be too surprised if you see on the street boutiques with Aztec wine or other kind of wines, which are sold freely. Unlike other Muslim countries, alcohol is not banned here, for which your taste buds will be totally delight.

To have a super beautiful panorama of the entire city, choose to visit the Maiden Tower, recognized as the dominant architectural symbol of Baku. If you want to see how the hotels looked like centuries ago, try visiting Caravanserais, the place where camel caravans stopped along the ancient commercial routes. One of the pearls of Azerbaijan's architecture is Shirvanshahs Palace, dating from the fifteenth century, where you can take a photo shoot in Azerbaijan costume… so you should take a look. New Town is so fascinating and extremely modern, so avant-garde buildings and several islands in the bay and an island built on stilts in the Caspian Sea, about 100 km from Baku… Try a to see also the Fountain Square, the Carpets Museum and also the wonderful light show after the say is off and the night embraces the whole city.

 You should try the subway rides and the underground passages, with their incredible SF architecture, which is the creation of the Soviets and the trip will be converted into a pleasant visit, just like if you where visiting a museum, an art gallery or something like that. Underground passages are the most used because pedestrian crossings are few. I could say that there is a kind of ‘’underworld Baku’’, considering that underground passages are looking exactly as the upper streets.

I saw that nightlife is active - always they organized various performances, quite interesting. However, I personally did not dare to try evening walks or other activities, since it seemed to me a bit dangerous to go out at night.

Prices in Baku seemed to me quite accessible. Accommodation is ok…services are ok…and shopping is ok…In restaurants you will find Turkish cuisine, Russian and more. Too much, I do not know, because we had breakfast and dinner at the hotel. I tried just an authentic specific for their country – Sekerbura , which is a kind of cake with nuts and sugar and also a very tasty apple charlotte….

I recommend Baku to those who want to discover a city that dates back of over2000 years, with a controversial and interesting history, countless historical sites but also a modern city.







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