Top Ten things to Do in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is widely famous for its exceptional taste in almost everything, from outstanding architecture, artistic interior layouts, fashion stylists and more importantly cuisine. In the past years Copenhagen has witnessed a rush in taverns, cafes persisting on a less regal, cheerful way of performing things.

Top Ten things to Do in Copenhagen

Listed down are the most exciting things you can’t afford to miss in Copenhagen:

1. Explore the naval Nyhavn to see the brilliant boats and ancient ships.

2. Check out Christiania, which is known as Freetown, visitors go there to hang around.

3. Do go to Tivoli which is an expensive fun park which is very popular among families.

4. Do spend a night out to enjoy the famous nightlife of the city.

5. Spend some time at the Round Tower which is an old site with an entry of 25 DKK.

6. Take your kids to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum which has Disney-like displays.

7. Don’t forget to shop at the various flea markets like Nørrebro Flea Market.

8. Visit the Danish National Gallery, view the breathtaking pieces of art by Picasso, Rembrant and Matisse.

9. Plan a day trip to Malmö to stroll through the astonishing momentous landmarks.

10. Take some time out to visit the Christianborg Palace ruins.

Highly Useful Travel Tips for Copenhagen

Following are the most highly useful travel tips for visiting Copenhagen:

1. Try to purchase the economical tickets of the rail organization through their online website “Orange Tickets”.

2. Prefer cooking at your own as eating is really expensive.

3. If you want to eat out then opt for the street food which is a bit cheaper, like sausages and sandwiches just for 25 to 35 DKK.

4. Enjoy the bike ride in the city for as low as 25 DKK for an hour.

5. Stroll around in order to explore the tiny city just in about two hours.

6. Acquire a Copenhagen card to obtain amazing discounts at the museums, malls and cafes.

Cost of Travelling in Copenhagen

1. Accommodation Costs:

· Hostel Dorms: 150 DKK.

· Private Double Rooms: 700-1400 DKK.

· Furnished Apartment: 500-800 DKK.

· Homes in Airbnb: 760DKK.

2. Food Costs

· Eat in a café: 80 DKK per meal.

· Eat cheap street food: 30-35 DKK.

· Groceries: 340 DKK per week.

3. Transportation Costs:

· Train from Airport: 40 DKK to the city centre.

· Buses: 24 DKK for a two way ticket.

· Bike Rentals: 130 DKK for a day.

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