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Tourism in Cergy-Pontoise is not yet developed, and few know that in less than 50 minutes from Paris, settles a bohemian city where French air feels stronger than ever.

The effervescence of this city which throughout the year hosts plenty of festivals, boasts the title of 'Ville d'Art et d'Histoire' - having a strong cultural and historical heritage, reflected in the architectural style of the buildings, museums and the majestic Saint-Maclou Pontoise Cathedral, built in the Renaissance style and the cobbled streets where you’ll get lost, stopping at one of the stylish cafés and boulangeries, while sipping a cup of coffee along with the famous butter croissant.

How to get from Paris to Pontoise?

From Paris St. Lazare station you can reach Pontoise by train. If you choose the Paris RER from Paris St-Michel/Notre Dame to Pontoise, you'll make more time on the road, about 1 hour and a bit. From Paris Nord to Pontoise you can use the transilien. For orientation check out this map >>> ]

Eating out in Pontoise-Cergy...

In all French cities in which we have been, we always stopped to eat at Banette bakeries. In Pontoise you will find Les delices de la Gare - Banette, where pastry is made like at home - from amande creamy croissants with almond flakes, chocolate muffins, panne au chocolat, to all varieties of fresh bread and delightful sandwiches filled with cheese, ham and fresh creamy butter.

In Pontoise, you can dine at Le Pave de la Roche, a small restaurant but with extraordinary dishes. At l'Arbre Blanc Restaurant you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing dinner.

Discovering Cergy - Pontoise

Cathédrale St-Maclou - which was rebuilt several times, the way from 15C and 16C, features its Renaissance dome and the outstanding entrance gate in flamboyant style which impresses at first glance.

The Upper Town of Pontoise is the work of Camille Pissarro, who managed to keep the fantastic appearance of antique, with its two squares Place du Petit Martroy and Places du Grand, which every weekend is packed with merchants and people willing to buy goods beautifully presented on colorful stalls. It is also the ideal place to admire from above the narrow streets that are lost in the horizon lined up with blooming trees and flowers.

I really don’t know how fabulous can be Musée Pissarro de Pontoise, but to climb up those steep streets to get to it, and then to sneak in his huge garden and admire the view from above is downright fabulous, overlooking the river Oise and the entire city.

Few know that Cergy-Pontoise has the largest Parisian marina, so in Cergy port you will enjoy a nice view, many cafes and restaurants as well as a chill atmosphere. If you go ahead and pass the bridge, you arrive in the heart of the leisure base and its lakes, where you can practice all kinds of water sports such as canoeing, sailing, sailing and more. Also, you can stroll around with your family, make a barbecue or jogging.

Axe Majeur is a courageous and ingenious building which is aligned with the bridge in front of it but also with the Eiffel tower, giving you the impression that are only 4 pillars, actually being much more. Here, you can walk, do exercises, because there is also a beautiful park where you can relax or you can take part in a lot of organized activities.

At first glance, this is Cergy-Pontoise. I challenge you to discover the rest of it! Enjoy!

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