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by Daria Lorian
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One of my latest trips was In India, in Agra, especially for visiting The Taj Mahal. Definitely it is a monument dedicated to love, considering his entire history.

The gardens of the Taj Mahal are considered the paradise of the Taj Mahal. They have a green Area that is made up of pools of water, flower-filled gardens, tracery, marble benches, stairs, walkways, fountains etc.

The Taj Mahal is the symbol of lasting love. Located in Agra, a half-hour train ride from New Delhi; it is by far the most famous tourist attraction. The building is a monument- grave, built with love by mogul emperor Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

You can arrive by plane, directly at the airport in Agra. The second way is the railroad. The main stations in town are Agra Cantonment, Raja-ki-Mundi and Agra Fort. There are also buses from Delhi, Jaipur and other cities, arriving in Agra.

The architectural complex of the Taj Mahal is created in the Islamic style, with a strong spiritual imprint. The main dome, surrounded by four minarets, suggests the throne of Allah, described as a great Pearl, supported by pilasters.

For the decoration of the Taj Mahal, have been used precious stones and gemstones, wooden in marble.

Taj Mahal has four minarets in the four angles of the mausoleum.On each turn is a letter, which combined means "ar-rahman", one of the names of Allah. On the four sides are identical access entrances, but usually there is a specific entry for tourists. Most of the walls are decorated with floral designs, gemstones and verses from the Koran. There is an octagonal room that has a duplicate under it. There are two halls, placed one under another, containing sarcophagi for Emperor and Empress. The sarcophagi of white marble from the superior hall are just for design, but the ones from the bottom are for real and there are the spouses.

It is very interesting that the ensemble's colours change from hour to hour and from season to season, because there are many stones of different colours.

I think it’s a must-see monument, once you are in New Delhi, being only at half an hour away. It is something special.


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