Switzerland - One day in Berne

by Maggy Taillor
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I started with rushed steps my trip in Berne, the capital of Switzerland. I recommend walking in this amazing city, because it’s the best way to see the whole beauty. New city is endowed with elegant buildings, with first class hotels, casinos and shopping malls, restaurants, streets with cars, trams, buses, pedestrians, many more cyclists than in Zurich, but the entire picture is contrasting in harmony.

I visited the New Bern and especially the old medieval centre, kept as an open history book for ages over time till nowadays. I found that this part of town is inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. This includes old streets with their stone-covered sidewalks, the architectural specificity of the buildings, with their ample and elegant archways and fountains the more decorated with various statues and gorgeous. All these give the city the uniqueness and well-known reputation.

This part of the old city, along with the adjacent streets, is an area where silence rules, the streets are cobblestone buildings in the old style, like when the world but nobody bothers that. Contrasting sharply with the Zurich view,  after the opulence and richness in their natural environment, in Berne I was hard to get used to the idea that this little town has so quiet provincial atmosphere.

You must see The Clock Tower, which together with the legendary Berne’s bear, represents the symbol of the city. From the Clock Tower, I continued my journey to the discovery the other treasures of the old town. I started from the central square, Marktgasse, the place where you can make endless shopping, if you have money for sure. Then I explored the elegant and unique Kramgasse, situated in the heart of the city. Also on the Kramgasse there is a beautiful building of the Conservatory of music, another high building, with arches on the ground floor with large windows, flowers... The first that comes up in the middle of the street, close to the Clock Tower, is the fountain which has as ornament a bear in armour, like a soldier, with sword and shield, which carries the ‘’banner’’ of city founder Berchtold von Zahringen.

My next stop was at the Cathedral of St. Vincent or Munster. Surrounded by the characteristic Baroque style buildings, as almost all buildings in Berne, the Cathedral St. Munsterplatz Vincenz comes out clearly in evidence, making it one of the most beautiful in Europe. Built in the Gothic style, has an impressive tower being the highest in Switzerland. At the chapter museum, you must see Museum of Fine Arts that has besides treasures of art, the Paul Klee collection, with most pieces of the author. Another museum is the Historical Museum of Bern. Here you will find a series of rich collections of art, from painting exhibitions, original sculptures brought from Munster, very old exhibits with Flemish tapestries and an impressive medieval layout of the town of Bern of the 1800s. Near the Historical Museum is Swiss Alpine Museum, a museum entirely dedicated to nature and culture of the Swiss Alps, featuring all aspects of life in the mountains, from all time till now, in a modern presentation. Another special attraction of Berne and also very important is Barrengraben. Here there is specially designed a habitat for bears, where bears are raised, reason why bear is the symbol of Berne.

Berne is definitely a first side attraction of the Switzerland, I could say after Zurich, because I love silence and not the rush so Bern offers a piece of silence, away from urban crowned cities, with the label( in my opinion) of one of the most attractive and unique destinations in Europe.

PS :

Eat the traditional cheese fondue

A walk in the Park "Tierpark Dählhölzli, where the most famous attraction of Bern, bears Park (BärenPark),

Go on Gurten, a hill where there is a children's  park and is the ideal place for a picnic, cars are not allowed.


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