Swiss Alps and Montreux, a dream vacation!

by contanza 89
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I went on a sunny morning in Switzerland, where I was stayed all my winter vacation. The road through the mountains was thrilling, climbing some narrow roads with no parapet on the precipice. Climbing is done in two stages - first to the plan Agui, the short route and then it goes to the top wire - without a pole. Imagine a line of about 3,000 feet stretched between two poles with a difference of about 2700 m. Once on top, we were greeted by a cold wind as soundly and were I think 5-6 degrees less, down being summer. There is an elevator in stone as you climb to the next level - 4000 m. There is also a small gondola above the sea ice (La mer glace) with incredible scenery, but you have to leave in the morning, otherwise stay overnight. After a short break we took way back to Switzerland, I did not want to catch the night on those coils. We stopped for dinner in a charming town on Lake Leman – Montreux.

In Montreaux I was last year. I will write a little review about Montreaux also. Well, Montreaux is famous because its casino elegant palaces and hotels that looks very much like those on the Cote d'Azur. Also, due to mild climate, these two cities were visited over time many personalities. Among them was counted and Freddie Mercury, in honor of whom is a statue in Montreux. From Montreux you can take the tourist train (train du chocolat), for Gruyere region, where you can visit the cheese factory and chocolate (considered a brand representative for Switzerland) and the first chocolate factory. If you have a big enough budget travel and desire for adventure but also endurance, Swiss Alps offers a perspective and a very special experience. This destination is one expensive, but worth it.

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Daria Lorian
26 Jan 2014 15:25
Me too! :) Spectacular!
Lolla Lolla
26 Jan 2014 15:17
Dear, just made ​​me very interested in such a trip :) Well done!
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