Slovenia - Ljubljana

by Diana Dima
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Ljubljana is great!! And Slovenia has the “love” in it for a reason. You will definitely love it there.  Such a small country, but with everything in it. In Ljubljana, the capital of the country,  you can find everything as you want, as a tourist: museums, little souvenir shops, a bio market in the middle of the city with the best apples I ever ate, cafés and restaurants, walking spaces, clubs and a nice castle from where you can see the whole city. It is really nice to walk up the hill to the castle, because you will gradually see the city from up there.

I was in November but I think in some warm season it is much much more attractive because you could walk more around the city and discover it´s details. I loved a sweets shop – I could have bought it all, and I´ve tried a lot of local specialties, the most interesting of it was, for sure, the chocolate with salt. The city is not too expensive and there are places for every one´s tastes.

I also had the opportunity to go to Lake Bled which is 30 minutes away by car from Ljubljana. The view is awesome and it is a quiet place where you can enjoy nature and at the restaurants, by the lake, beside the great view, a very good cremschnit, a sort of creamy sweet specialty.

Last, I was at the sea-side, at the Adriatic Sea. I took a loooong walk and saw two resorts ad was impressed by the beauty of the sea and of the view, the large number of hotels, lots of people who were visiting in that time of the year and a really warm water for the month November (it had about 15-16 degrees). It was said to me that sailing is one of the favorite activity of tourists in the warm season and it is a very posh thing to do, to go in Croatia by boat and spend there a couple of summer nights partying with friends any meeting new people.

I promised I will return as soon as possible in Slovenia cause I had one of my best vacations ever when I was there. 

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