Sleepless Madrid

by sonia b
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One of the friendliest cities I’ve ever been to is Madrid. I visited the lovely capital in October and I couldn’t ask  for a more beautiful weather.  I stayed at Hotel Emperador on Gran Via, 10 minute walk away from the center, Puerta del Sol. There, a neverending buzz is in the air, the place is always crowded no mather the hour or the day, and street singers are making it so hard to leave. From that point you have so many choices because it’s the point where some important routes meet. Go with the crowd because you’ll end up in a narrow street maze with great restaurants, friendly funny waiters and delicious food (patatas bravas is a must).

A magnificent place to visit is the Catereal de la Almudena next to Palacio Real.  Also, Parque del Retiro is great to wonder through, with Palacio de Cristal, the lakes and the botanical garden. Museums are everywhere, it’s worth visiting all of them.

Save a day or two to get lost on the streets, to go wherever you see something interesting, you’ll end up somewhere nice either way. You’ll find small churches, nice shops and when you expect the less, a large park or a square.

As for the nightlife, I went to the most amazing flamenco show at Casa Patas. Don’t miss the salsa clubs or the hotel roof parties eighter.

The subway is very complex and the stations are very close, so there is no problem with the transportation.

For shopping you can find all the stores you need on Gran Via, as well as from Plaza del Callao to Puerta del Sol and all the strets nearby.

The colorful city gives you all you need for a perfect vacation and it never stops surprising you. 

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