Singapore, contrasts and diversity

by Lolla Lolla
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Singapore is a place to be savored step by step. The colonial architecture blends harmoniously with modern new buildings and skyscrapers . The city thrives , developing continuously. And this wealth can be seen on the faces of its inhabitants , the standard of living is very high . The traveler who returns after a few years will find a Singapore different from what he knew . With a compact city on the river , every year new office building rises . But Singapore is a city of parks, being located just one degree north of the equator , enjoying a mild tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 22 ° and 34 ° so the humidity is very high , thus it is raining day many times , the power showers 15-30 minutes . The vegetation is lush , even in developed urban areas. Although it covers a small area, a large part of Singapore consists of forests and nature reserves .

A "must see" city's Botanical Gardens. Give yours maybe a whole day because it deserves. It covers about 70 acres, so you have a lot to explore. Much of it is rainforest (there here even before the establishment of the complex) and of course, local celebrity, Orchid Garden. From the Botanical Garden you went straight to the Orchard Road, the main boulevard, a true sanctuary for shopping lovers and gourmets. Go to Sentosa, an island in the south, has become over time a giant amusement park. Access is by bus, cable car or monorail. You will find countless attractions, parks, reserves of birds, fish and butterflies, museums, 5 * hotels, exotic beaches with palm trees and sand, as you have seen only on television. In the evening everyone gathers at the amphitheater for the last show of the day, a frenzied dance of water, fire, lasers and a story with dragons and Merlion. If you want cheap stuff go to Mustafa, the supermarket with everything. The contrast with the modern world not far away, as Raffles Place and Suntec City, is striking.

You must know that an important aspect in Singapore are the fines, is a city studded with police, you cannot drink, eat in public, even in the subway, where is forbidden even to drink water ! So be very very carefull and read essential tips before you go in Singapore.

The most popular malls are "Orchard Towers", "Plaza Singapura" "The Paragon", "Far East Plaza", "Raffles City", to remind them just a few. The most beautiful hotel in the world is Marina Bay. He has, like, 131 floors. I don’t remember exactly how much was the ticket, but was app 100 dollars…just to admire itJ What I recommend is a Night Safari experience with train ride through the zoo / jungle 40 hectares where animals are left free (18 euro / person). Also you must see the colonial center, with sports fields / park Padang, Raffles Hotel, Victorian building of the town hall, St. Andrews Cathedral of the Good Stephard Cathedral Museum Asia being government buildings. You definitely should see the Wish Fountain surrounded by three blocks and turn up on the platform were are the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac, so wonderful view.

From the 63 islands that belong to the Singapore, Sentosa Island is the most beautiful, which is 15 min to the center (reachable by bus, metro + Express train or cable car). Very convenient are the city-tours sites (compared to other major cities):  15euro / 2 days:  including a boat ride, buses etc. Singaporeans are open, civilized, polite, and friendly, with high standard of living. Although the number of flight hours is quite high, of course depends on where you fly, although it is an elitist life and you will be struck by the lush paintings but also on the other side by the people on the edge of subsistence, every trip I think it is welcome, especially in Singapore, where contrasts are evident.





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The Traveller
26 Jan 2014 17:11
Very nice description.
david mark
26 Jan 2014 15:35
Catchy review, miss Lolla, but u didn't mention anything about the food specialties? Are spicy to the moon and back or not?:))) Did u attempted? :))
Lolla Lolla
26 Jan 2014 15:30
Thank you very much, Daria. I hope to have the time needed to write other adventures too. Have a great time!
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