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Far in the Northern part of Zambia between Mpika and Kasama lies a mansion so to say that is so different from a typical Zambian mansion. This mansion was built by an English man by the name of Sir Stewart Gore-Brown in the 1920s. Its an amazing story and i will share it with you in a bit.

I have been to Shiwa Ngandu myself, its a bit difficult to get to the house because of its location. This house was built in the deepest bushes of the Northern Zambia and upto now i still wonder how this man managed to build such a house in 1920s because if it is difficult to get there now, it must have been extremely difficult to actually build something there. I have to visit this place again, the last time i was there was about ten years ago.

Sir Stewart Gore-Brown was born in England in May 1883. He came on a mission in 1911 to determine the border between Northern Rhodesia and Belgian Congo. He feel in love with the surrounding countryside and he became determined that after his work was over, he was going to come back to build his dream house and settle in this part of Africa. He had a dream from his childhood to have a huge estate but this was not possible in England and he saw this part of Africa to be just right to fulfil his dream. He came back in 1914 He built his dream English house in the deep bushes of Zambia. Shiwa Ngandu actually means " Lake of the Royal Crocodiles".


"We Suddenly came upon what i thought was the most beautiful lake i have ever seen. I was surrounded by hilly country, and along its shoes were groves of rare trees, of kind sacred to Africans. Friendly folk inhabited the one big village on the lake shore and there were dozen herds of different wild game. The surrounding land seemed to be reasonably fertile judging by the crops that were ripening there. I knew at once that i had found what i was looking for." ....Sir Stewart's words.


Sir Stewart Gore-Brown died in 1967 at age 84 and he was honoured by the Bemba chief to be buried at the Holly Hill in Shiwa.



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