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I was in Santorini this summer, in June. I booked some tickets some months ago, so the price was pretty good. I flight with Airberlin so also the services were quite satisfied. I paid approximately from Rome 325 Euros round trip with baggage included.

The airport in Santorini is small but I was unlucky because was very, very full, a lot of people and a hectic day, considering was June any Santorini was in so many people’s list.

It is a bus that takes you to the main bus station Fira and you pay approximately 2.20 Euros each way. Then from Fira I touch a bus to Oia, where I took my hotel, around 1, 20 Euro is the trip.

I must say I love to stay in hotels that are more than gorgeous but also the price and services are a must for me. So I choose Hotel 160°Thea, a bellissimo hotel! What a view! I would stay there for an eternity hahaha....the price was around 260 Euros, for 5 nights so what do you want more? Hahahaha...Santorini is a destination for pleasure and leisure, I mean if you wanna visit is not an option but if you wanna relax and have a bit of quiet and nice landscape is definitely the best way to hang out a couple of days in a land of beauty and magic atmosphere.

I went in a cruise with my beautiful girlfriend and I eaten here more than I ever imagine...baklava, tzatziki, youvetzi-beef stew with orzo and Retsina wine. I recommend Katharos Lounge, my gf eaten a very tasty greek salad...and I some grilled vegetables with beef...also is very romantic because from here you can see the sunset, so if you are with your gf, wife or whatever it will be inevitable to not stay amazed.

Santorini is not a very big shopping destination, but there are all the international brands on those narrow streets in Fira so we went back to Fira, where are also some little stores with their specific products, handmade and also a big cosmetic store where are a lot of perfumes and creams and so on...prices are ok...for me seemed cheaper that other countries.

So my trip ended with a glace of wine before going to the airport were is also a quite duty free from where I bayed some present. Best weather is in the middle of June...not very hot but the water temperature is perfectly! Ciao!


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