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Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a city in Spain. The name means " the holy cross on Tenerife" and it is located on the island of Tenerife, the capital of not only the Tenerife Island, but also the Canary Islands archipelago. Santa Cruz is an elegant city, typical European, but with exotic accents, old colonial buildings and impressive parks, everything is well maintained and it’s not so full of tourists, as it is in other arias of Tenerife. I think is a cozy place that literally, embraces your soul with tranquility and is far enough from the hectic and noisy life, which is in the other parts of Tenerife. The best time to visit it, is from September to October or April to June.

In Santa Cruz you may see the beautiful Plaza Espana, is the heart of the city and is situated on the coast, being dominated by the monument in honor of the Civil War-Monumento de los Caidos and the massive Palacio Insular in which there are the offices of the authoritative tourism in Tenerife. Then you should see the Plaza de la Candelaria, a charming pedestrian square where there are numerous bars and shops, including a craft store and the most beautiful baroque statue of The Holy Candelaria, holding it in her arms the child Jesus and having in hand a large candle.

Calle del Castillo is the main shopping street of Santa Cruz, a boulevard full of life and color, with shops, bazaars and crowds of tourists and locals who eat in restaurants and terraces so chic, which are spread over this amazing boulevard, then you get to the end of the boulevard where is the Plaza de Wayler, in the center of which is a white stylish Italian marble fountain. Then you can rest in Parque Municipal Garcia Sanabria – a very pleasant green space, away from street noise, with many green spaces, shrubs, palm trees, an oasis of calm and relaxation.

Your steps can go also to the Plaza del Principe where are the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, which is housed by a former Franciscan monastery and near the museum there is a church - Iglesia de San Francisco, built in 1680, with impressive wooden ceiling and an arch in baroque style. Another places you should see are the Auditorio de Tenerife, an exotic building, Torres de Santa Cruz , some tall towers with modern architecture and also.Tenerife's main food market is called Mercado Nuestra Senora de Africa, a market rich in fruits, vegetables, all fresh, right next to the old center of the capital.

Some of the traditional dishes that I have tried are ‘’papas arrugadas’’ - baked potatoes on the salt crust, which is eating with two sauces based on garlic and does not peel, baked with garlic cheese or you shoud try there faimous white fish and at dessert the fruit foam.


  • Prices in Santa Cruz are small and good quality products, being full of beautiful shops and a lively nightlife.
  • The transport is excellent and the city itself is very clean.
  • If you don’t enough money for the restaurant or just want to buy something else, I recommend buying food from the supermarket; it's very cheap, good and great diversity.
  • Another tip would be to buy your flight tickets in advance, about 4, 5 months earlier, so you will find super good prices, and also booking in advance a hotel, would be an excellent idea too.
  • While you're in Santa Cruz you can opt for a little trip to Terasitas beach, which is 10 minutes from the capital ... you won’t regret it at all! This beach is made ​​with yellow, red, scarlet sand…brought from Sahara desert…tall palm trees and clear sea water…so it will be a totally delight coming here.
  • I recommend you a travel subscription; you can visit several islands saving money more than 50%.
  • In all Tenerife - tourist season is open all year round!
  • You can opt for a 1 day trip to Playa de las Americas, which the most known tourist destination, a paradise with many possibilities of entertainment: bars, restaurants, shops, pubs, restaurants and also here there is the Piramis Center, renowned for the famous flamenco and ballet shows.

Next time I will return with a special review of the fascinating Tenerife, tips, hints and interesting things we should all know.







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