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In this San Marino guide, I will include some interesting facts about this little country and the wonderful places which can be seen here.

San Marino is one of the smallest independent countries in Europe and in the world, is located in central Italy. San Marino is a republic with a parliament of 60 members, the Grand Council General and the two heads of state. San Marino is located on the Italian peninsula, near the Adriatic coast. It has an area of 60 km2 and 30,000 inhabitants.
The origins of San Marino is based on the legend of St. Marinus, a Dalmatian stone carver, who founded the monastery and the republic in 301, in Mount Titano. Thus, San Marino is considered the oldest republic in the world

In this San Marino guide, I will try to show you why San Marino di Serenissima Republic is in UNESCO heritage and why tourists do not get enough to admire the stunning views of this citadel.

Now, I will present you in this San Marino guide, things you can see and do.

The residents of the republic have a cult for Garibaldi, which makes him appear on many statues. The lure is the three great towers that can see the highway and astonish the eye of passers by their greatness. Then the two markets, Piazza del titanic Piazza Garibaldi. Santa Clara Monastery, the National Museum, Palazzo dei Capitani, Palace Public with the change of the guards and galleries San Francesco, are other points of interest in the Republic of San Marino. Experience is great because the show of the fabulous view from above the landscape is amazing. Borgo Maggiore remains at your feet surrounded by the hills of the Marche area surrounding Mount Titano.

We went up the cable car that gives you the opportunity to admire the panoramic view of this small state. City is beautiful with many interesting shops and relatively expensive. In stores here you can buy local coins, pottery items, jewelry and accessories, collectable wine, liquor or beer Mistra and wine sangioverse Amacord, famous worldwide. In countless cafes and restaurants you can serve a fixed menu by 12-14 Eur, or a la carte about 18-24 euros, a draft beer 0.5 l - 4 EUR, 2 cups ice cream choice, 3 Eur .

…and finally San Marino guide, include the most important places to visit/see:

- Museo delle Curiosita, the only museum of its kind in the world, where are over a hundred curiosities collected around the world, such as: rake for cleaning the tongue, race fleas and much other drollery.

- Porta San Francesco and near the gate of the same name is e Pinacoteca Chiesa San Francesco

- Piazzetta Garibaldi, the Monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, cannot be out of the San Marino travel guide.

- Piazzetta Titano, where you can visit the Museo di Stato, National Museum of the Republic of San Marino.

- Basilica Dell Santo dedicated to Saint Marinus, the founder of the republic. The 3 fortresses on each one from the 3 peaks of Mount Titano - Guaita (built in the 11th century), Cesta (13th century) and Montale (14th century).

- Chiesa Valloni and Palazzo Valloni (the State Library), also find their place in San Marino guide.

- Giardino dei LIBURNA, a beautiful garden with a fountain, and in the middle a stone sphere, finds its rightful place among the beauties included in San Marino guide.

- Ara dei volontaria - a monument raised in memory of Marin citizens which contributed to the unity of Italy.

- Museo delle Armi Moderne also finds its place in San Marino guide.

- Cava dei Balestrieri - this area Palazzo del Governo is full of works of art of the greatest contemporary Italian artists.

- Porta della Rupe, where now you can see a nice view of the Borgo Maggiore, the town at the base of Mount Titano.

- The Funicular station (Funivia) which can be lowered in Borgo Maggiore, and not least I will include in San Marino Guide: Piazza Sant'Agata, Liberty Defenders Monument where there are Cappella Sant'Agata and Teatro Titano.

San Marino does not have its own airport, but the airport from Rimini is just 14 km away and Bologna airpot is at 50 km.
I created this San Marino Guide to convince you about the undeniable natural beauty of the little state and invited you all to visit it!
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