Sahara. Dare to get here!

by Stewart Rafael
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I was in Tunisia because I knew it will be a challange. What can I say about Tunisia, a country very beautiful, and very poor… Tunisia is, without doubt, of all the countries of Africa, the country with a triple advantage: it is close to Europe, is cheap and last but not least has a high level of tourist safety compared with other countries in the region. It was a dream experience, Saharan food (bread baked sand, grilled lamb chops, salads, etc..) Served in a Berber tent, evening spent on the dunes in the moonlight and campfire with traditional music (not commercial), jeeps, ATVs, camels and maximum relaxation…this is Tunisia.

First stop is at El Jem , as you get off the bus assaulted by sellers to have prepared one dt to take the map, about 45 min , during which time you take pictures , buy something from the bazaar, beautiful scarves and shawls…do not give more than 5 dt, then continue the road to Matmata .

You must visit Berber houses and if the curtain of the kitchen is hanging it means you will not have access inside to make the picture. It is said that the state 2 times per day supplies the community who still live in the area with water.
Then do a stop before lunch for photos in the area where they filmed scenes from Stars War, then continue the road to Douz , where are dromedary rides. You will be wearing, turban, then everyone will get on a camel, group of 3 will make a stop for a photo, then return to step slowly. At the entrance to the building will be surprise that you see in the pictureJ

You must also see the Degache oasis, where there will be a short carriage ride where guides will explain about palms, you will see pomegranates and then you must go Kairouan, the Great Mosque and carpet factory. There it is a coffee shop, where you can buy cactus jam and you can eat pancakes, from the city restaurant, very tasty actually. Great Mosque can be seen from outside and beautiful pictures can be made from the carpet factory.

I have to say that adventure in the Sahara have to be made ​ through a serious agency, sorry I don’t remember exactly its name, because I was a couple of year ago, must be 3, or 4 but costs about 130 euros per person, which included transportation by bus about 1200 km, visiting the amphitheater of El Jem, lunch at Matmata, walking on camels in Douz, accommodation, dinner and breakfast the next morning in a hotel oasis Kebili, visit Teblika and Tozeur oasis, jeep ride in the desert and lunch in Gafsa…

You should know that there are some very high temperatures over 52 degrees, so not everyone can withstand….also do not panic that you will not going to find some bottles of water to buy, there are everywhere…and actually good prices. If you have the spirit of adventure in you, that’s cool, because Sahara is an amazing experience and must be done at least one in your life.





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