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  • Romania is located in Eastern Europe.
  • We have a population of 19 million.
  • Our capital city is Bucharest.
  • We speak Romanian 1 of the 5 European Latin languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian.
  • Romania encompasses all major relief forms: Carpathian Mountains with the highest Moldoveanu Peak 2544 m, hills, lowlands and The Black Sea.
  • The European Union's longest river, The Danube, flows into the Black Sea in Romania  passing through or touching the borders of ten countries: Romania (29.0% of basin area), Hungary (11.6%), Serbia (10.2%), Austria (10.0%), Germany (7.0%), Bulgaria (5.9%), Slovakia (5.9%), Croatia (4.4%), Ukraine (3.8%), and Moldova (1.6%) and forming the youngest continental land in Europe : The Danube Delta.
  • The Danube Delta contains 5.500 floras & fauna species. This is the 3rd largest biodiversity in the world.
  • Romania is home to 1/3 of Europe's mineral thermal springs.
  • We have the largest salt mine in the continent: Slanic Prahova 78000 square meters with an excavated space of 2.9 million cubic meters of salt.
  • In Romania we can find a unique reservation of mud volcanoes.
  • Romania is home to 7 Unesco world heritage sites:
  • Churches of Moldavia
  • Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains
  • Danube Delta
  • Historic Centre of Sighişoara
  • Monastery of Horezu
  • Villages with Fortified Churches in Transylvania 1
  • Wooden Churches of Maramureş
  • The only Merry Cemetery in the world with over 800 colourful headstones is in the village of Săpânța, Maramureş County, Romania.
  • We have over 190 castles and palaces. Castle Bran is the most famous due to its connections with Dracula.
  • We have the best driving road in the world (Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear,2009) The Transfagarasan and the famous road Transalpina with highest point at 2145 built by the Roman Empire armies in their way to Sarmisegetusa, paved with stones  by king Carol II after 1930 and rehabilitated by the Germans in World War II.
  • Our capital city used to be called "The Little Paris" was rated in 2012 by the 2nd coolest city in Europe.


These are a few of the attractions that could be an invitation to visit Romania.


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Daria Lorian
26 Jan 2014 11:12
Super cool!
Tripelonia Trips
25 Jan 2014 16:03
Dear Mgf Rent A Car, thanks for publishing your interesting review and please don't forget to attach photos too:)
Stewart Rafael
25 Jan 2014 15:54
Mgf Rent A Car, I would like to see something about Transilvania:) And also some picture:) Thanks
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