Qatar, a Middle Est experience

by Emilia Rosett
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Qatar is located in southwest Asia surrounded by the waters of the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.
It’s a country born from natural gas and oil and the rapidly the capital grown. This is Doha. Winters are mild and summers are humid, so humid that your clothes stick to you even though we were in November. We started with a visit to Al Shaqab thoroughbred Arabian horses, known as Qatar Equestrian Federation. In the stables, horses stood quietly, just had finished eating and were willing to „chat ". Near the stables was riding with air conditioning field where they were trained and prepared for competitions.Then we went to another farm this time... camels. Souq Waqif is a commercial area like "market " actually a bazaar where we found all kinds of clothes, jewelry , traditional sweets , spices, souvenirs.
Beside them were terraces , restaurants Lebanese , Italian , Malay , Iraq.
Also there you could have a coffee at a cafe French French .
By the time we arrived it was pretty deserted but tonight , the market became crowded and small.
Although on at least 100 years old, was rebuilt and renovated recently , is keeping her former glory .
There I found some shops where they began negotiations Arabian perfumes ... after many " attempts " , had come to seem to me that all were about the same smell .
Then I got in the animals' .
From colorful cages were heard beeps , whistles , mieuneli and all sorts of other sounds difficult to identify.
You could easily lose a few hours there but we unfortunately had to keep our program.
There was a lovely but short ride on the Doha Corniche where we admired the newly built district , West Bay, the financial center with giant buildings where large firms and were based . Guide took us by bus and took a tour through the small town of steel and glass . Then we returned to the hotel, we rested a bit and went to another mall, more affordable and less luxurious than the Villagio .
And there was a house where you could exchange any currency exchange their currency - Qatari Riyal . In the evening we all had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant that looks a little more luxurious than a canteen - my honest opinion . I was disappointed not specific menu , though incomparable with what we offered at the hotel as the place itself , presentation, smell dark ... well I'm not left a good impression but taking the pulse of the streets , admire the lights of the cliff , to breathe air with dusk became more bearable ... was a kind of balance, so after all I must say it was a pretty cool experience.

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