Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

by stefannel hogart
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Flight by Paris has not impressing, but  the small and picturesque contact with Punta Cana airport and hotel Grand Flamenco gave us a great feeling. We were hurry to see the Manati Park, that  is a small zoo with animals, the attraction is swimming with dolphins.
Caribbean Festival, peaceful trip at sea, dancing lessons deck catamaran and snorkeling, had everything that's in the Dominican Republic, and moments of adrenaline stingray swimming with sharks.
Cute Punta Cana airport, with palm leaf roofs and no exterior walls to welcome us. It's hot, but pleasant. Visa, luggage transfer and assignment of the 800 passengers huge transatlantic jumbo jet takes less than an hour. And about all that and go to the hotel. Occidental Grand Flamenco Punta Cana welcomes us friendly. Formalities short, efficient, and come in the room. It's past 19 o'clock and it's already dark. Lunch and lingered a few minutes in the reception hall, where a small band playing merengue. Unfortunately, at 20 already asleep. We felt fatigue motivated throughout our stay by the time difference. She was not the cause but the 60 degree C temperature difference, comparing to Spain... We woke up early, 5 am almost every day, but we felt bad. We sipping coffee on the balcony in the morning silence, enjoying the scents of tropical forest and the warm breeze and we sunrise. We stayed at the 4-star all inclusive at the Caribe Club Princess.Sper like you to take your all inclusive is worth it because you have access to all resort restaurants at creperie , ie a terrace with pancakes of all kinds sweet or salty , milkshake , banana split and ice cream and of course juice , champagne , beer and more vrei.In room fridge is filled daily with water, juices and restaurants have dozens of kinds of food , all kinds of meats , fish fruit high dietary grilled vegetables, salads, several types of sweets , all kinds of fruit prevails watermelon , pineapple , papaya , mango, melon , bananas ..... plus you can request any cocktail you want , you free access to any bar and terrace complex , only certain types of whiskey are paid , but you know in advance ... otherwise it free.Inca and the beach also offers pizza, nightly shows are free coffee, cappuccino , chocolate hot ..... access to fully enjoy your vacation, one I felt when I passed two weeks , I came anyway ... ' black ' bronze...:)))....A very important thing which I recommend is to use sunscreen! The sun is much stronger than that from us and avoid to expose between 12 and 2!.Besides tourism flourish everyone. Prices are much swollen, everything is negotiable. Take lotion beach home, new we asked $ 28 on a spray levels to the box, on the beach :). Worth spend on souvenirs and tours (quite expensive otherwise). Document your good is parity U.S. Dollar - Dollar Dominican, each applying what he likes in there.
Otherwise ... beautiful beaches, warm water ... and it rained a lot, which although it was not pleasant, more refreshed atmosphere. However the air is very humid, we dried off bathing suits :) foehn. ..
La Altagracia Cultural Route allows visitors to discover the backcountry and heritage buildings of Punta Cana and Bávaro. Travellers can take catamaran tours and go on snorkelling excursions to explore natural treasures and marvels under the sea. Punta Cana ... a glimpse of heaven ... a perfect place for families with children (as were we) and newlyweds. The scenery is beautiful - white sand and clear turquoise sea delight us. Surely we will return.

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