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About Oslo

Oslo is considered the cultural, economic and scientific capital of Norway, also being a hub of transportation and communication. The climate is relatively mild throughout the year, due to the Gulf Stream. In summer, maximum temperatures are between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius and in winter, the mercury sits somewhere between -7 and -1 degree Celsius.

How to get in Oslo

To get in Oslo, in Norway, you need a budget big enough, so remember that is part of the Scandinavian countries, which means a high standard of living and much peppered prices. But I'm pretty sure that if you organize your trip in advance and here I’m referring at the flights, accommodation and some money saved, a trip in Oslo deserves every penny saved.

Low-cost flights are the best option and here we arrived at the international airport of Oslo: Torp Sandefjord, http://www.torp.no/, where low cost flights are landing, quite away from the city, located at 110 km. To get downtown you can take the Express bus or the train, a trip costs around 25-30 Euros and lasts until 2:30 min. The buses that take you to the train are free.

Public Transportation

The tickets and passes cost on transport are quite expensive. Do not be surprised... transport works with mathematical precision, so you can access from your mobile phone, connected to the internet, the exact schedule of each vehicle.

Ticket prices for public transportation in Oslo:

·         Single ticket pre-bought: Adult - 30 NOK (3, 5 euro) and Child/senior 15 NOK (1, 79 Euro)

·         Single ticket bought from driver: Adult – 50 NOK (6 Euros) and Child/senior – 25 NOK (2, 99 Euro)

·         24-Hour ticket: Adult – 90 NOK (11 Euros) and Child/senior - 45 NOK (5, 39 Euro)

·         7 Day ticket: Adult – 230 NOK (27, 5 Euro) and Child/senior - 115 NOK (13,78 Euro)

You can also admire the beauty of the city with the sightseeing buses with guide or take a cruise along the fjords with Norway Yacht Charter. Prices for sightseeing buses are from £16.50 for adults and £8.00 for children.

How and what to visit in Oslo

To visit Oslo and its surroundings, perhaps even so interesting as Oslo, you need at least two days. Given the fact that tickets for the main attractions of the city are quite expensive, it is advisable to purchase the card Oslo Pass.

The prices for Oslo Pass are:


·         24 hours: 290 NOK - 35 Euro

·         48 hours: 425 NOK - 51 Euro

·         72 hours: 535 NOK - 65 Euro

Child / Senior

·         24 hours: 145 NOK - 18 Euro

·         48 hours: 215 NOK - 26 Euro

·         72 hours: 270 NOK - 33 Euro

The Oslo Pass gives you free entry to more than 30 museums and attractions, free travel on all public transport, free parking in municipal car parks, free entry to outdoor swimming pools, discounts on sightseeing, and many other facilities, depending on the type of card you purchase.

Attractions with free entry:

- Oslo City Museum, City Hall, Cultural Museum, The Gallery and National Library , the changing of the guard at the Royal Palace.

Must see attractions:

- Viking Ship Museum – there are some of the most famous Viking ships.

- Fram Museum – a journey of polar expeditions through a series of photos, films, and boarding the ship to explore.

- Museum of Contemporary Art

- Museum of Movie

- Museum of History

- Akershus Slott Castle - Opening Hours: May - September 10am - 4pm, October - March 12am - 5pm, Admission: free with Oslo Pass or 70 NOK (9 Euros)

- Oslo Cathedral

- Oslo Opera House - It is the world’s first and the only opera on which you can walk up onto the roof.

- The Reptiles Park

- Radhus - where each year is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

- Frognerbadet - a complex of swimming pools

- Oslo Fjord - which is a cruise, costs 250 NOK = 30 Euros and lasts two hours. You will see Oslo's islands: Vippetangen, Hovedoya, Lindoya, Nakholmen, Bleikaya, Gressholmen and Bygdoy (where there are a lot of museums)

- Drøbak - is at half time of Fjord and is a village with traditional wooden houses

- Holmenkollen Ski Centre - is located above the city and is a unique attraction

- Vigeland Museum - located in Frogner Park

- Aurora Borealis - From southern Norway you can see it a few times each month.

- ICEBAR Oslo -  http://www.icebar.no/en/


-          Low price grocery stores: Rema 1000, Kiwi, Rimi

-          More expensive but with a large variety: Meny and Ultra

-          Malls: Oslo City Shopping Centre: is the largest and most popular shopping centre; Byporten Shopping in Oslo: is right next to Oslo Central Station (Oslo S);

-          Shopping areas: Karl Johans Gate is Oslo's most famous pedestrian street and The Paleet, which is situated right by Karl Johans Gate.

Where to eat:

-          Deli de Luca - the place where you eat the cheapest possible snack in Oslo.  

-          While walking through the city stop at Cafe Mogador, lunch there will be delicious.




Clubs and bars in Oslo are inviting and friendly. Some of the best are: Cafe Con Bar, London Pub and The Blaa.

Some of the events of 2014

-          Feb 24, 2014   - Michael Bublé

-          Mar 09, 2014 - Backstreet Boys

-          May 08, 2014 - Justin Timberlake

-          May 13, 2014 - Robbie Williams

-          Jun 01, 2014   - Metallica

-          Sep 29, 2014   - Lady Gaga


Citybox Oslo, a 3 star hotel, budget type, with an excellent location, good conditions, positive reviews, price around 100 Euros / night. http://citybox.no/

Thon Hotel Opera, a 4 star hotel, offers fabulous views of Oslo Fjord and the new opera house in Oslo. http://www.thonhotels.com/hotels/countrys/norway/oslo/thon-hotel-opera/




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