Orient Express in Japanese version!

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The Seven Stars (Nanatsuboshi) is a Japanese luxury train made by designer Eiji Mitooka. Builders and all the other people who were busy arranging train put very high value on quality, the desire to offer visitors the chance to experience a very unusual experience. From rooms worthy of the most luxurious hotels, to the handmade details, train Seven Stars is a unique place for all those who cross the threshold.

Seven Stars train is running on island of Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan and most rich in vegetation and history.
The entire structure contains seven wagons, which feature 16 luxurious rooms with private bathrooms and double beds. The interiors are handmade and are made especially rosewood and walnut.There is also a lounge room, where visitors are greeted by an orchestra, and a dining room where the waiters lined the tables choicest dishes. The lounge wagon, besides piano duo of violinists, the biggest attraction is a huge window through which I see as a movie, unique landscapes, from volcanoes to mountain rivers.Seven Stars train journey takes approximately 4 days, during which will you  surround the island Kyushu, the southern tip of the Japanese archipelago. The island lies in a seismic zone and luxury train travel offers tourists the possibility to admire volcanous area, and other natural beauties.

If you want a train ride around the island of Kyushu, with the luxurious  Seven Stars Train, you have to book at least 6 months before, because the number of places is much smaller than the number of requests. A trip like that costs around 3,000 EUR, made u curious? :)









Photo source: http://www.luxuo.com/travel/japan-kyushu-railway-luxury-train.html

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Posted Jan 15, 2015

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